Social Media Marketing is an essential component of your online marketing plan.

Twitter, Facebook, Subscribers, Opt-In email addresses, Auto-responders and more. Are you implementing these things in your war chest of advertising and customer building? These are key components of building a successful, well oiled marketing machine. Your customers are hungry for information and interaction with you and your company. You must be hands on. You must interact with your customers. Utilizing the available technology will build loyalty and repeat business, this is a guarantee.

Sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter have not only changed the way people communicate but the way they live their lives. The same is true for business. Customers are going online in search of interaction and communication with the businesses and brands they patronize. Online forums are replacing the recommendations of friends and family in regard to where customers are spending their hard earned dollars. Disputes and grievances with your company are no longer private matters as customers are quick to take their complaints online to a public forum.

The bottom line is that your company must participate. If you do not, you are not only failing to take advantage of a flood of new business but you lose out on a new level of customer interaction. Most importantly however, without your active participation in Social media, you run the risk of losing control of your brand, and your customers. Epidemic Marketing is able to provide a large range of Social media services, including Social profile development and creation, current online presence analysis, reputation monitoring and more.

Regardless of your definition of Social media, it is the fastest growing online platform of communication with one in five minutes spent online being spent on social media. It is where your customers are, and where your business needs to be.

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