Mike Peyzner

I had a great experience hiring Noah and his team at Epidemic Marketing for Conversion Rate Optimization. I could tell the report was thorough and the work was done as best as possible. The recommendations are objective and with reasoning based on sound business practices. I highly recommend this company for all your CRO and marketing needs.

Lorri Ritchie

Absolutely amazing session with Noah at Epidemic about SEO and CRO. He was able to describe a complicated subject in a way that was easily understandable and provided loads of suggestions and actionable items to improve the performance of my website.

Brian Hong

Noah is the smart guy you look for to make your business more successful. Epidemic’s CRO audits provide great actionable tips with an undeniable positive impact on conversions. I’ll be contacting him again!

Steven Kang

Noah is a true professional. I’ve seen his work and he is thorough as well as knowledgeable. You can’t go wrong with this man’s expertise.

Owner/Operator of SEO Signals Lab

Billy Robinson

Awesome for SEO audits and recommendations. Made the changes from the audit & my rankings jumped 5 places! Highly recommend Noah and his team.

Jesse N.

The team at Epidemic Marketing is nothing short of excellent. I am a digital marketing specialist myself, so when I reach out to an outside firm for assistance, my expectations are generally quite high.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Noah and their team on multiple occasions, and I can say with confidence that if you hire them, they will not fail to impress.

What I appreciated most was their uncanny ability to diagnose underlying problems with our websites, craft unique approaches to solving them, and uncover hidden opportunities with their outside the box thinking.

If you are a local or national business that needs more of what actually matters (calls, leads, sales, growth), give them a call.

Quinton Hamp

Solid team. Good Communication and a clear process. Appreciated their thorough audit. They definitely highlighted areas that were being overlooked and this audit will steer our strategy for the next several months. Look forward to working with them in the future.

Nick T.

I was looking for SEO companies near me but ended up coming across Noah’s SEO company through an SEO Facebook group. I had previously worked with an on-page SEO specialist from a different city, so it wasn’t weird for me to look for an SEO auditor outside of my city.

After chatting with Noah to make sure he was worth getting SEO advise from, it was apparent that he had insightful information for Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). That’s when I decided to order a CRO website audit from Epidemic Internet Marketing Services.

After solidifying a date to do the audit, Noah sent me a link to GoToMeetings and started ripping my site apart with the customer’s intent as his only focus. This was very helpful because when staring at a jewelry store site for 4 years, you lose focus of what matters – and that’s CRO.

Noah helped clarify customer intent and also showed me some cool digital marketing “hacks” that I will be implementing soon.

If you are looking for a no-fluff SEO or internet marketing company, check out Epidemic Marketing in Denver!

Scott Linklater

I can count on one hand the really high quality SEO Agencies I’ve dealt with in 17 years in the digital marketing space and Epidemic Marketing are one of them and right at the top of the list.

The company owner is a true 100% white hat seo expert and he has a great team that do a fantastic job. Highly recommend A+++

Scott Linklater
Richard Angulo

Epidemic Marketing is the only SEO company that has been able to rank me in the top spots for multiple key word searches and it only took them four months. I have used three other SEO companies in the last four years that have not been able to produce results like this, I am super excited to be working with the Epidemic Marketing team.

Matt Castetter

In a world of endless outdated tutorials about how SEO used to work, talking with a real expert about real solutions was a breath of fresh air. If you need to take your search presence to the next level, these guys have it figured out.

Matt Castetter
Sarah McGregor

Spoke to Noah about our company’s SEO ranking and he looked us up prior to the call. He had so many great suggestions and has a vast knowledge of the Google Algorithm, SEO, Rankings and User navigation experience. I highly recommend him.

Oliver Mistry

Noah was excellent, he had researched my question in advance and cut right to the chase delivering clear, actionable and insightful inputs with infectious enthusiasm. I will be calling him again relating to other projects.

Dan Dobos

Fantastic. Very practical.

Scott Meyer

Noah was great to talk to. He made time on short notice and provided actionable advice that I’ll use tomorrow. Highly recommend Noah for SEO advice.

John Meyer

I love Noah’s to the point, clear and actionable feedback. Thanks for the time dude.

William Cook

Noah is an innovative expert in his field and can think outside the box to achieve results in the shortest amount of time. He is exceptional in his follow through and project management. I highly recommend him and his team and I will continue to utilize his services in current and future business prospects.

Matt Wheeler

Both on a personal level and business level I highly recommend Noah and the Epidemic Marketing Team. In 2010 I brought Epidemic in to be a consultant to our Marketing team. We were getting a bit of web traffic, however, the visitors were not taking any action. Noah was able to help us bring together our social media messaging (FB, LinkedIn, Press Releases, etc.), SEO strategy, and a way to get more actionable web results (demo request, whitepaper downloads, pricing request, etc.). I would highly recommend their service.Your organization will feel like they take the results personally.

Mike Saunders, MBA

Noah consults with our clients and I constantly get great feedback from his advice!

Chad E. Warriner

Noah stands alone in his knowledge, expertise and customer service. He has innovative ways to solve any problem in a timely fashion at an affordable price. I highly recommend him and Epidemic Marketing.

Chuck Hahn

Noah is an experienced SEO professional. His clients are very satisfied with his services and refer him to others. If you’re looking for SEO service look no further.

Melissa Kleinpeter

Noah and his services are key in today’s market! He is an amazing SEO professional. Expert with details in his field. If you want results with online traffic Noah will deliver!

Angel Miller

Noah is creative and has detailed knowledge of graphic/web design and marketing. He is easy and fun to work with. He wants his clients to understand the processes of marketing/web design. He takes his time to explain these areas and he articulates his vision and goals for the customer/clients in understandable terms. Noah is definitely an expert and a great asset to have on your marketing team.

Nicole Cox

Noah is a valuable asset to our business and web design. He has continued to engineer our web pages with knowledge and functionality. I highly recommend Noah for your jobs, big or small.

Daniel Risinger

Great guy with great business assets. Don’t believe me check out epidemic marketing.com yourself! He will give the image your company needs in the internet world easy to navigate expose products everywhere and know the traffic record.

Stacey Wilson

Noah is great to work with. He continually strives to broaden his knowledge base through research and classes. Noah is always willing to discuss trends and strategies. I would recommend his company for on site and off site SEO services.

Jeri Morgan

Like many business owners we found the process of trying to figure out SEO daunting and time consuming. Noah was one of the few people that we met in our search who was actually able to help us. He understands SEO, if you want your business to be found; call Noah.

Lance Mitchell

Noah is consistently on the cutting edge of the search engine optimization field. His constant diligence in a fast paced, results oriented business is second to none. Noah has assembled an extremely talented group of employees, that provide efficient and professional support while providing quantitative results. If your business is in need of an internet presence, Epidemic Marketing is the only choice.

Cory Pincock

We love working with Epidemic. They are both responsive to our needs and able to custom tailor marketing to meet the needs of our market.

Christopher McGuire

Big fan. I was having trouble ranking my website and didn’t know what to do. These guys answered my questions for free on Facebook and seemed like they knew what they were talking about so I gave them a shot. In 4 months I went from page 3 to page 1 on google. Highly recommended.

Chuck Hardwick

Noah was a huge help in identifying some new categories on Google My Business for one of my restaurant clients in San Diego. Definitely a 5 star experience, I will be referring some overflow clients to him in the near future!

Tony Treash

We have been with Epidemic Marketing for 7 years now. In that time we have tripled our sales and it has allowed us to expand and open up another location in Phoenix Arizona. I highly recommend Noah and Epidemic Marketing to handle your SEO if you are already doing it. If you aren’t you better call them now and get started as it’s very important for company growth, and your competition is not doing it yet.!


Owner – American Paintball Coliseum

Lee Hamilton

Noah and his team at Epidemic marketing have made such a huge impact on my business in such a little amount of time it’s amazing! I have worked with a multitude of people and companies in the last five years and have had little results, but that was not the case with him and his team! My website’s traffic has significantly increased and I have already seen an increase in work and sales in the last month. If you have a business that draws anything from online marketing I would reccomend Noah and his team everytime!


Man's Best Friend Dog Training – Master Trainer

Garrett Weiler

The team at epidemic marketing has done such a great job with our online presence that our new customer base is increasing. Along with more business the team is very friendly, helpful, and easy to work with while respecting your budget. Do you and your company a favor and hire Epidemic!


Business Owner – 888 Heating

Chris Hall, MBA

The time spent working with Epidemic netted BIG results. The first year we worked together they managed to place us in 6 of the top 10 spots on Google. We owned Google…they have since changed their algorithm. Their work continues to generate great results on the search engines. They are very hands on and knowledgeable about the latest that Google is up to and how to position their clients to achieve the expected results.

Kyle Raley

Noah is a true visionary when it comes to digital marketing. He possesses great talents for SEO and social media coverage to help his friends and clients in the best way he can. Noah is a hard worker with a motivation that is simply unmatched.

It has been a pleasure working under Noah and I expect our professional relationship to continue well into the future.

Hayley Sember

Noah was very helpful in pointing out items on our website that need fixed in order for our website to be optimized. He was very thorough with his advice and never hesitated to help out further. I would definitely recommend Epidemic Marketing for you SEO Consulting needs.


I had a 45 minute session with them and talked about the look of my website and the SEO that I had done so far and needed to do. He kept it at a level that I could understand and helped me redirect onto the path that I should be at the stage that I am at. This one 45 minute session will help to shave off a lot of wasted hours.

Jared Price

I can’t say enough about Epidemic Marketing. In a matter of months the service took our business to the next level. Bottom line, if you need online exposure CALL EPIDEMIC!!!!

Dave Muesbeck

Noah is at the top of his league. I came to him for help with my photography website. His work and the service I received from Epidemic Marketing was top notch. I was able to get a word press theme custom designed exactly the way I wanted it. He helped me with my SEO, which I knew nothing about. He also set up a shopping cart/e-commerce site for me which increased my sales…

Ria Nickels

Noah and his team have done wonders for my business. Our first meeting I knew he was going to be my choice. He continues to do great this for my company. Thank you Noah.

Chuck W.

Epidemic has really delivered. The constant stream of calls is all the proof I need. I highly recommend Epidemic.

Noah is the smart guy you look...

5.0 rating
April 29, 2019

Noah is the smart guy you look for to make your business more successful. Epidemic’s CRO audits provide great actionable tips with an undeniable positive impact on conversions. I’ll be contacting him again!


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