Stress Free Collaboration

Many times business owners neglect their website because they don’t know much about websites or technology. You don’t need to, that is what we are for! We do this every day so we walk you through the process to help it go smoothly and stress free.

Some of the things we do to help our customers envision their website is to:

  • View competitor’s websites
  • Find other website examples in the industry that you like
  • Point out key elements that every website should have to consistently produce leads

What is the Process?

Step 1: Get a plan.

You have decided that Epidemic Marketing is going to build your website now we need a plan. Our team will develop a plan for your budget, lay out the process, and the timeline.

Step 2: Fill out a questionnaire.

Our initial consultation will give us an idea of your what your business is all about. Now we want to translate that into a website that is a living breathing sales person instead of an expensive business card. We want to start the project from the beginning with great information.

The website questionnaire is a quick form that helps our team design a fantastic website that also brings your future website visitors the information they are looking for.

Step 3: Get the design started!

This step is the easy step for you. Our team will create a full color mockup design of your website. Once the first version is draft, we send it to your team to make edits and suggestions. This process continues until we have a final version you love!

You have 4 seconds to capture a website visitor’s attention and provide them with the information they are seeking. Don’t waste your money on an expensive website that doesn’t do anything to generate leads for your business.

Charles Williams Client Testimonial

I've been in business 9 years now, all with Noah at Epidemic Marketing. Noah has been my secret weapon. Competition is extremely tough in all business arenas and getting your phone to ring can be difficult. Noah keeps my phone ringing and I keep closing the deals. I highly recommend Epidemic Marketing and am thankful to have them as my secret weapon!

Sincerely, Chuck
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