Landing Your Dream Job – Personal Website Required

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Technology is rapidly changing the way individuals look for employment, and the way companies and contractors look for clients.

Recruiters and hiring managers looking for qualified candidates are fast adopting new ways to find, evaluate and communicate with ideal prospects.

Over 80% of job openings are NEVER advertised. This means that more often than not, recruiters are actively seeking YOU out, not the other way around. But where are they going to find highly qualified candidates? Social? Sure, many use that as a starting point, but it’s not exactly conducive to portraying a candidate’s skill set or portfolio.

Google? You bet, but they aren’t looking up CareerBuilder anymore. Recruiters and hiring managers are looking for personal branding and personal websites from individuals with the foresight to leverage media to gain visibility and highlight their professional achievements.

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According to Workfolio, over 56% of all hiring managers are MORE IMPRESSED by a candidate’s personal website than any other branding tool or medium….yet only around 7% of job seekers have a personal website to highlight their talents.

How to land your dream job? A personal website could be the secret weapon you need.

With only 7% of job seekers utilizing a personal website to advance their career, those that do are at a HIGH advantage.

Whether you are fresh out of school, a seasoned professional or a contractor/freelancer looking to land new clients, a personal website can set you apart and open up opportunities you would have otherwise been passed up for.

What are the advantages of a personal website?

  1. Show and Tell

Sure, resume’s and cover letters are a good start. They “tell” hiring managers and recruiters the basics of your background, education and basic bullet points. But these antiquated tools have limited potential to actually demonstrate or illustrate your work to prospective employers.

Why “tell” someone about your skills when you can actually show them. Personal websites offer you the opportunity to let recruiters actually experience and evaluate your work, effort, talents and achievements, offering a dynamic and immersive experience.

  1. Stand out from the pack 

Today’s job market is fierce, with competition at an all-time high. With many positions receiving hundreds of resumes each week, how are you standing out?

With only 7% of candidates utilizing a personal website, chances are you’ll be in the top 3% of candidates with a greater chance of getting noticed.

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  1. Control your Personal Branding

Resumes provide the basics, but they do a poor job of portraying the “future you” that you want hiring managers to envision.

Personal websites allow you the flexibility to effectively communicate your skill sets and how your unique abilities can translate to helping your future employer reach their goals. When used effectively you can clearly outline your track record of success, completed projects and accomplishments.

Personal websites also afford you an opportunity to reveal a bit of your personality and style. Something that is typically frowned upon in traditional resumes, but highly admired online.

  1. Building your Network

With an estimated 80% of job openings NEVER being publically promoted or advertised, networking is a key and often crucial component of landing that next client or career. Personal sites offer a way for others to quickly get to know you and establish a more personal connection.

Use your site to connect with like-minded bloggers, industry leaders and a community of individuals that will view you as an expert in your field (likely recommending you to others).

  1. No more Hide-and-Seek

Recruiters don’t have time to hunt you down. Make yourself readily and easily available with a simple Google search for your name pulling up your branded website.

Proper on-page optimization and promotion can ensure you show up for all the right words in Google and other search engines.

Speaking of Optimization, here are a few quick tips to make sure you get found:

Include target keywords

Make sure you include keywords related to your desired position or role. Include job titles, degrees, certifications, specializations, skill sets and industry/position related lingo.

Mobile / Responsive

Make sure you use a mobile responsive template or site structure so that your resume can be easily seen on the go. A poorly optimized mobile site will leave a bad impression. And you only get to make a first impression once.

Downloadable Resume

Make sure you include a downloadable version of your actual resume and cover letter on your personal site. Despite the benefits of a personal website, recruiters are often required to have a resume and cover letter on file for internal compliance with HR.

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Clear Call to Action

Not clearly positioning your purpose and what you want the next steps to be can send a message that you are not driven or results oriented. Worse yet, you may leave recruiters frustrated if they cannot easily find a way to “hire you” or “contact you”.

A simple “Let’s work together” button or “Hire me” button strategically positioned throughout your pages is a great starting point.

Simple Contact Methods

In addition to the “call to action” elements discussed above, you’ll want to make sure your contact information is readily accessible and easy to read.

We suggest an email/contact us and phone number button or text in the header and your full information in the footer.

Why you need a Personal Resume Website

In today’s digital age, a recruiter’s or prospective employer’s first instinct is to look you up online. Being able to effectively control your personal brand and what shows up when they search for you is a powerful tool that can set you apart from the crowd and earn you opportunities.

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