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How Can Search Engine Optimization Benefit Real Estate Agencies?

A well-executed search engine optimization (SEO) strategy designed specifically for real estate agencies will help connect you with more clients faster, many of which are actively looking to buy and sell property. Hopefully with you!

Increased Visibility

The days of ‘if you build it they will come’ are over. You need to be VISIBLE among the sea of competition.

With us, your online presence will grow. A lot. With an increase in website rankings, your agency will show up for highly converting Google searches such as “real estate agencies in (your city)”, or “real estate agencies near me”.

Lead Generation

Leads are the lifeblood of any Real Estate agency and the core focus of any real estate SEO strategy.

Some of our clients have reported an almost 70% increase in web form submissions from interested property buyers and sellers. While the website is the first point of contact to a potential client, getting in touch is the first step to establishing a business relationship.

Beat The Competition

Rank higher than the competition and corner the market. Become the ‘go to’ real estate agency both on and offline with an SEO strategy optimized for local domination. Some of our real estate clients have reported a more than a 50% increase in phone calls after working with us.

More Profits

Increased web traffic means a greater number of leads, filling your pipeline with red hot real estate leads eager to work with you or your agency. Tired of hitting the pavement and scraping for leads? Let them come to YOU instead.

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Property Buyers Start With Web Searches

Real estate agencies need to be visible when and where property buyers, sellers, and investors expect them to be.

Facts and figures don’t lie. Most people, professionals and homeowners alike, use the web to search for properties. Your website should be there to greet them with open arms and an inviting smile.

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SEO Success For The Real Estate Industry

The competition is tough in the real estate industry. Get ahead by dominating the top positions in Google search results and rank ahead of your competitors.

Performance-Driven SEO

We’ll provide the strategies and resources to boost your website’s presence and outrank your competitors. The higher you rank, the more traffic is driven to your website with the ultimate goal of generating sales. The SEO strategy will be executed in tangent with other internet marketing strategies to optimize results.

Let Us Be Your Digital Marketing Partner

We are a dedicated team of marketing specialists that work as the marketing arm of real estate businesses, providing our clients with technical expertise and experienced know-how of how Google works and how you can get your website’s ranking way up!

Why Do Real Estate Agencies and Realtors Need SEO?

There are close to half a million real estate brokers in the United States. Real estate is a vastly competitive and niche market with a limited number of customers. SEO can help you stand out from the competition and earn more business.

Consider this.

To support your lead generation efforts and develop a consistent flow of new clients, it is vital for your real estate agency to establish an online presence that puts you in front of the right clients and the right time, when they need you most. 

Fact is, if you’re not showing up for the Google searches they’re making, you can be certain that your competitors are.

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Why Can’t I Just Buy Google Ads Instead?

Pay per click advertising, or PPC, certainly has its place in the marketing mix. But it is also one of the costliest marketing channels, with Google and FB ad prices rising more than 30% in recent years.

Furthermore, much of the real estate niche is dominated by BIG brokerages such as Century21, RedFin, Trulia and others driving up ad prices and outbidding local brokerages, investors, and real estate agents, making PPC ads a challenge. Adding to the frustration is the fact that the buyer/seller cycle is so long, it takes a lot of ‘floating’ expenses before any commissions are realized. 

Depending on your location and keywords, you might have to pay up to $40 for each click! 

There is no investment in your long-term success, and once a click is done, the money is spent and doesn’t necessarily result in a conversion. 

SEO on the other hand, is like purchasing a property. With a larger upfront investment, the organic traffic being driven to your website can last for years to come. As can the branding, reputation and authority your web presence has established. 

The investment into regional or local traffic can dramatically improve the number of qualified leads and give your marketing dollars more bang for the buck.

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Implementation Of The Best SEO Strategy For The Real Estate Industry

Being available to potential home buyers at all times is key when running a real estate business. When people search for “real estate in <city>” or “real estate agencies near me”, the top few rankings have a massive advantage over those ranking on page two. 

In fact, less than 10% of all web searchers venture onto page two of Google. Similarly, over 70% of all clicks go to the top three results on page one.

Let Local SEO Lead the Way

Local SEO strategies can help drive targeted web traffic to your business, generating leads and ultimately, sales. One of the key strategies for local SEO is establishing the “Google My Business” page and incorporating your Google Business profile into your website. 

Your “Google My Business” profile provides valuable business information to Google such as your contact information, address, operating hours, reviews, and services. 

By optimizing your site with Google’s Local Pack and ranking highly, potential clients will find your business for years to come with ease, generating more calls, clients and commissions.

SEO Optimization For Your Real Estate Agency

Your website’s ability to rank highly in Google searches is crucial for your business success. Google’s algorithm scans your website to ascertain the value it brings to users, using this and other factors to determine where and when it should appear to searchers.

The algorithm also looks at technical information on how your site is built, and how each page is created.

The Google algorithm takes into consideration:

  • Title tags
  • URL structures
  • Meta descriptions
  • Header tags Internal and external linking
  • Keywords within the website’s content
  • Site speed
  • Site security
  • Usability and user experience
  • And more…

Our team of SEO experts will assess your current website’s content and employ SEO best practices, identifying the top keywords for a real estate agency in your locale.

We will optimize your website’s content to ensure the highest ranking based on Google’s algorithm, and continuously keep tweaking your site’s content to suit Google’s ever-changing search criteria.

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Web Content Development

Google’s web crawlers constantly scan and index web pages online, ranking each one according to the perceived authority and usefulness to the web user. Then, using an ever-changing algorithm with over 200 known factors, Google then ranks each site on a search result page.

Real estate sites with a well-planned out content marketing strategy have an edge on those with stale and stagnant sites, as well as those with poorly written and SEO-optimized content.

Examples of content that could help a real estate agency rank higher on Google’s search results page can include:

  • Top rated real estate agencies near me
  • How much should I sell my house for?
  • Preparing your house for sale
  • How can I sell my house in ?
  • The average price of a 3-bedroom house in

With a solid content marketing strategy and consistent, valuable content, your real estate agency can get a leg up on the competition and start enjoying an increased number of leads generated by a top-ranking website.

Our team of versatile SEO content writers can help! We specialize in writing quality content in the real estate industry that is relevant to someone looking for your services.

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Ideal User Experience

A website that delivers poor navigation and user experience will drop visitors from your site faster than you can say “oops”. To keep the valuable web traffic engaged in your real estate agency’s site, it needs to:

  • Be optimized for mobile phones
  • Have relevant, easy-to-find content
  • Be aesthetically appealing
  • Load fast with no slow-loading pages
  • Have no 404 errors or missing pages
  • Have an easily-found, optimized contact form for easy lead generation
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Our SEO Services for Real Estate Agencies

Developing and executing sound, highly-targeted SEO strategies is our passion, and our expertise.

Our team of SEO veterans conduct a full audit on your website, market positioning and more, before executing key initiatives designed to help real estate agencies like yours increase your web visibility and rank high on Google’s search results.

Our services for real estate agencies include:

  • Full website audit and performance review
  • Creation of relevant, targeted content for your potential clients
  • Setup of your Google My Business profile and integration into your website
  • Content and technical optimization of all web pages
  • Keyword research and analysis
  • Lead generation tracking and analysis
  • And more…

What Industries Benefit From SEO?

While all businesses will reap great rewards with a high Google ranking, some highly competitive industries benefit the most. About 80% practices can be applied to all businesses while about 20% should be tailored for a particular industry.

FAQs On SEO For Real Estate Agencies

To help get you started on your journey into SEO success, here are some questions commonly asked by real estate agents and brokerages seeking SEO services:

Can SEO help real estate agencies find new clients?

Absolutely! Acquiring new leads is the primary objective of a sound SEO strategy. Our SEO services take a holistic approach, encompassing on-page, off-page, and technical performance optimizations to boost your position in search results, attracting potential customers, earning trust, establishing authority, and increasing your bottom line. 

Combined with a killer content marketing strategy and user experience optimizations, visitors hitting your site will engage and connect, helping you build lasting relationships and long-term value.

How much will SEO cost my real estate agency?

The cost of an SEO strategy can vary greatly depending on the state of your SEO now, and where it needs to be in order to be competitive with sites that currently outrank you. 

Our service begins with a free detailed audit of your website, after which we work to develop a custom strategy that meets your budget requirements and expectations. 

Whether you are a small agency or have multiple offices around the country, we can tailor a package to suit your specific business needs.

Is SEO an effective investment for real estate agencies and brokers?

Results of SEO campaigns are long-lasting and consistent, increasing the conversion rates and lowering costs of all other marketing activities that touch on the client’s journey when choosing a brokerage or real estate agent. 

Dollar for dollar, SEO produces strong ROI for years to come, helping solidify your business as the ‘go to’ real estate agency in your market. SEO produces leads and sales on the most impactful and highest converting marketing channel in today’s digital era. 

We believe in transparency and honesty, giving you a fair assessment of your website. If we complete the audit and feel that SEO will not be a good investment for your business, we’ll tell you straight up. 

The initial audit will give us the required information that we need to provide you with the strategy moving forward. We want to be a trustworthy and reliable digital marketing partner that can manage your online presence and boost your visibility. Your success is our success!

Can you guarantee results?

There are a multitude of factors that can and often do impact the results of your SEO campaign, many of which are out of the scope of our control:

  • Google algorithm updates
  • New competitors entering the market
  • Competitors outspending you on marketing and SEO efforts
  • Evolving market conditions
  • The talent and ability of your own sales teams to build relationships and close leads
  • And more…

Be wary of digital marketing agencies that promise results, there are many variables that aren’t set in stone. 

However, SEO for real estate has an outstanding track record of increasing qualified, solid leads. We love our clients and will be happy to share some of their previous successes with you as case studies.

How long must I wait to see results after implementing SEO strategies?

SEO is a medium to long-term marketing channel that requires continual effort and investment. In some cases, your competitors may have been investing in this channel for years ahead of you. In other cases, we can often find quick wins to help you see a return on investment faster. 

That said, the average time it takes for a business to show tangible results after tweaking your site is about four to six months. If your area has heaps of real estate agencies that are also employing solid SEO strategies, it may take longer for your website to move up in ranking. 

Market research, analysis, and relevant content all work in tangent to help your website rank higher in search engines. Google takes its time in recognizing the website and giving it authority, often prioritizing those sites that demonstrate consistent effort over a longer period of time.

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How long do I need to keep spending on SEO?

Aside from the initial setup, optimizations and foundation, a modest spend monthly is necessary to keep pace with the competition and to show Google that your site is updated, relevant and investing in providing value to visitors. 

Our content management, PR/media and link building teams can work closely with you to develop a marketing strategy that best fits your short, medium and long term goals.

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Do I need supplemental content like a blog on my real estate agency’s website?

Virtually everyone in the real estate industry can benefit from supplemental content on their website. The more you update the site and add relevant content useful to the web users, the more value Google assigns your site in the search results page. 

A blog with real estate topics is an excellent way of driving targeted traffic to your site. In addition, it will help your visitors view your agency as a thought leader in the real estate market and build a relationship with potential clients.

Are SEO strategies for the real estate industry changing?

SEO strategies constantly evolve in a never-ending dance between search engine web crawlers and digital marketers. 

While digital marketers strive to rank websites higher, search engine technology continuously gets smarter at crawling and indexing billions of web pages available online. 

Our SEO team watches Google with an eagle-eye to monitor any updates or changes in their indexing requirements, constantly adjusting the strategies and websites of all our clients to keep up with SEO best practices. 

When Google or any other search engines change their standards, we change right along with them.

Can you help with link building for my real estate website?

We understand how crucial backlinks are to drive optimal SEO rankings, and employ a customized backlinking strategy for all our clients. 

Providing top-notch link-building services, we will strive to earn links from highly-trusted authoritative sources to your real estate agency’s website.

Can you help a real estate agency in multiple locations?

Absolutely! Regional and national SEO strategies will suit larger companies with offices in multiple locations across the US. 

Each location will have a dedicated landing page with a separate Google My Business profile. In addition, each landing page will have unique and individual content, all optimized for the local market.

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