10xs Your Customers with Search Engine Optimization To Grow Your Business and Profits

Crush your Competition

Blind side your competitors and show up everywhere your customers are searching. We do aggressive competitor analysis to see what your competitors are doing and do it better.

Here are some real results from our campaigns.

Increase Your Rankings

Your business should rank for the search terms that bring you the paying customers. Ranking high is good, but ranking for the $$$ terms is better. Let us help find your money terms.

Increase Your Rankings

Increase Your Website Visits

We make sure that you show up for more searches and those searches turn into clicks. These clicks are more customers walking into your business. Let us help bring more visitors through your door.

Increase Your Website Visits

Increase Your Conversions

Now that you have increased website visitors let’s turn them into customers! We monitor your visitor’s behavior and continually tweak your website to increase customer actions. Let us help increase customer interaction.

Increase Your Conversions

* Performance figures noted above are client examples and are not a guarantee of future performance, results may vary.

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Customer Reviews Say It All

Tony Treash

We have been with Epidemic Marketing for 7 years now. In that time we have tripled our sales and it has allowed us to expand and open up another location in Phoenix Arizona. I highly recommend Noah and Epidemic Marketing to handle your SEO if you are already doing it. If you aren’t you better call them now and get started as it’s very important for company growth, and your competition is not doing it yet.!


Owner – American Paintball Coliseum

Lee Hamilton

Noah and his team at Epidemic marketing have made such a huge impact on my business in such a little amount of time it’s amazing! I have worked with a multitude of people and companies in the last five years and have had little results, but that was not the case with him and his team! My website’s traffic has significantly increased and I have already seen an increase in work and sales in the last month. If you have a business that draws anything from online marketing I would reccomend Noah and his team everytime!


Man's Best Friend Dog Training – Master Trainer

Garrett Weiler

The team at epidemic marketing has done such a great job with our online presence that our new customer base is increasing. Along with more business the team is very friendly, helpful, and easy to work with while respecting your budget. Do you and your company a favor and hire Epidemic!


Business Owner – 888 Heating

Expert SEO Campaigns Get Results

Our highly trained teams have provided huge SEO gains for many different businesses.
Our expertise includes:

  • Local SEO
  • National SEO
  • Home Improvement SEO
  • Plumbing SEO
  • Dental Company SEO
  • Ecommerce SEO
  • Chiropractor SEO
  • Sporting Event SEO
  • Restaurant SEO
  • Staffing and Employment
  • Real Estate Agent SEO
  • Fitness Industry SEO
  • Event SEO
  • Local Retail SEO
  • Health and Wellness SEO
  • Legal Service SEO
  • Wedding Service SEO

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How a SEO Campaign Works at Epidemic marketing

  • We get to know your business and goals
  • Benchmark the state of your current SEO
  • Do a competitor analysis
  • Provide six month strategy plan
  • Optimize your website pages and content
  • Manage your business listings for consistent name, address, and phone number
  • Provide an in-depth keyword analysis
  • Manage and optimize your Google Local Listing
  • Provide monthly reports and strategy sessions

These Are Some of the Services Included In a SEO Campaign

On Page and Off Page SEO

In order to show up at the top of Google and other search engines we have to show them why you are the best answer to your customers question and you have to have a high performing website. If your website is fast, answers your visitors questions and has all of the technical aspects in place you will start to gain rankings. The higher your show up in search engines the more potential customers click. The more customers click, the more actions they take on your site, the more sales or new customers you get. Pretty simple right? 

Conversion Optimization

We track the behavior of the visitor on your website to see what they are reading and what they are clicking on. This helps us determine how to make website adjustments to make them take an action. We want to convert the visitor into a customer.

Premium Content Writing and Copywriting

The right kind of website text is rewarded by the search engines and by the user. If the user finds your website helpful and useful they are more likely to use your service or buy your product. Our writers take the time to learn about your business niche and your target market to reach the visitors and engage them. Content research and original content development is key in SEO ranking strategy and is a continual process as the search engine requirements or user needs change.

Image SEO

Did you know that images are the second largest search queries in Google? Image search beats Youtube, Facebook, and Amazon. Image SEO is another great tool to edge ahead of your competitors in rankings and provide your users robust useful content.

Monthly Reports

Monthly reports are helpful to see solid numbers about your website’s performance and get a visual picture of traffic and conversions. Reports are filled with a lot of data that our SEO nerds eat up. We have spent hundreds of hours learning how to interpret these boring charts and numbers so that we can turn those into growth for your business. What may look like a little bump on a chart to you can be a prime opportunity to tweak your campaign and make a big uptick on the chart in the future. Mainly, our monthly reporting gives us a great chance to check in with you about how things are going and if our strategy should adjust to meet goals. Plus, you will have something to give your boss when they ask!

Custom Graphic Design Elements

Visitors know when a website has not been well thought out or uses poor quality images and graphics. Good graphic design helps your website stand out above the competitors as well as making information easy to find for the visitor. An easy to use website interface helps conversions.

Visitor Behavior Analysis

We track visitor's mouse clicks, page views, eye movement, time on page, form fills, button clicks, and so much more. These are the keys to understanding your consumer and turning them into paying customers.

Custom Schema

Schema is a code language that is installed in the back of a website where visitors cannot see. Schema is something that the search engines read quickly and easily. Think of it as a short cut to tell the search engines what your website is about when they crawl your site. It is another way to provide information to the search engines and a highly effective tool. Many SEOs overlook this strategy which can help you rank above your competitors. Our schema goes beyond general business information into detailed pieces and services of your business.

Keyword Research

Keywords have come a long way since SEO started. Stuffing a keyword into a page no longer helps ranks. In Fact, it can hurt ranks. Google and other search engines have gotten smarter. The recognize synonyms and context. Because of this keyword research has become much more detailed and a precision science. Detailed keyword research tells a lot about user behavior and intent. Targeting the right keywords are one step in a larger process. We are a team of nerds that has spent years learning how to interpret keyword data and utilize it for stellar results.

Competitor Research

Competitor research is valuable in many ways. You always want to know what your competition is doing right and then do it better but you also want to see what your competitors could be doing better and avoid those pitfalls. Everyone has competitors it is what drives us to up our game.

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