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Our Comprehensive SEO Solutions Specialize in Bringing in HIGH-VALUE personal injury clients on autopilot. 

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Get Your Personal Injury Law Firm Featured in Industry-Leading Publications

Earn trust, recognition, respect and clients by being featured in some of the industry’s leading publications and news source

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Let us Earn You the Types of Cases and Clients That’ll Make Competing Law Firms Jealous

How We Do it – it isn’t easy, but we make it look that way

Personal Injury Lawyer SEO

A Holistic Approach to Competitive Markets

Content Creation

Expertly written, SEO-optimized content that engages your target audience and drives them to take action.

On-Site Optimization

Detail-oriented on-site optimizations that Google LOVES to reward with more traffic.

Local SEO

Custom-tailored local SEO campaigns that deliver red hot leads from your target markets.

Link Building

Authoritative link building strategies that earn you Google-friendly, powerful links to boost rankings fast.

Search Engine Optimization for Injury & Car Accident Law Firms
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Competitor Analysis and Market Deep Dive

Every personal injury SEO plan begins with a meticulous and detailed analysis of the client’s competitive landscape. This analysis reveals what is working, what isn’t, where your competition is spending their marketing dollars (and how much), and what we need to do to outperform them. 

This deep dive also uncovers hidden opportunities, unique ideas to capitalize on, and potential pitfalls other attorneys learned the hard way. 

This process results in an accelerated timeline to achieve results, focusing in on what is being ‘rewarded’ by Google and the market, while avoiding costly mistakes others have made in your market.

Website Development and Optimization

Your website is the digital office of your personal injury practice. It is a representation of what your firm stands for, the values you hold dear, and the achievements you’ve accomplished.

It is a place to highlight client wins, demonstrate expertise, establish trust, and build relationships with prospective clients. 

It is also the foundation of any high-performance SEO campaign. From technical optimizations to SEO and the user experience, we’ll give your website the facelift and tuning it needs to rank and bank, converting visitors into red hot leads ready to connect with a personal injury attorney at your office.

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Legally Sound SEO-Optimized Content

Rest easy knowing that the content representing your brand has been written by industry experts familiar with legalese and the rules, regulations and laws governing your jurisdiction. 

From federal to state law, and even city ordinances, let our team of legal writers showcase your firm’s expertise and highlight how you help clients win in and out of court. 

Legal articles, opinion pieces, news stories, public relations pieces, press coverage, and landing pages are designed to:

Stop wasting time with ‘generic’ personal injury SEO agencies and hire an agency with a dedicated personal injury lawyer department.

Data-Driven Keyword Planning that Drives Results

Skip the vanity metrics and work with a personal injury lawyer SEO agency that gets it. We know what matters are phone calls and lead forms. 

To that end, we take a data-driven approach to uncover what keywords are driving traffic AND conversions. We build a ‘client avatar’ and profile, targeting search phrases and keywords that offer an opportunity to connect with prospective injury and accident clients at various stages of their journey.


On-Site SEO Engineered to Outperform the Competition

We fine-tune your personal injury site like a Ferrari, turbocharged and ready to get out in front of the pack.

Leave competing law firms and attorneys in the dust of Google’s Page #2 results…where failing lawyers go to die.

From under the hood architectural and internal linking optimizations, to visual and UX/UI (user experience) upgrades, we can help you get more leads and value from your website, squeezing every last bit of ROI out of marketing dollars that send visitors to your site.

Local SEO That Solidifies Your Dominance in the Local Market

Be the ‘Go To’ personal injury lawyer for your city, county and state.

Our local SEO plans for personal injury lawyers establish our clients as the authority in their territory, making sure that their site and other web properties are hyper-optimized for localized search phrases. Be everywhere your biggest competitors are, as well as in all the places they missed. 

Let us put you on the map, quite literally, optimizing your law firm for Google Maps, Apple Maps, Bing Maps, and more. 

Show up when and where your target audience needs you most, and drive more traffic and leads by ranking higher than the competition.

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‘Google Safe’ Link Building and PR that Gets Results

Personal injury SEO is unique, challenging and competitive. Your SEO requires a link building and PR strategy to match. 

Don’t put your reputation and site at risk of a Google penalty or public scorn. Leverage our decades of experience building relationships with industry leaders in the legal space and relevant publications. 

We put your brand in Google-safe publications ranging from the likes of Business Insider, FOX, and USA Today, to legal platforms such as Justia, FindLaw and more. 

From day one we hit the ground running with a strategic link-building campaign that tells Google your legal practice is trustworthy, valuable, authoritative, popular and trending.

What To Expect Working With An Award-Winning Personal Injury SEO Agency

When it comes to SEO for lawyers, there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach that works for every firm. 

At Epidemic Marketing we’ve spent YEARS developing and fine-tuning battle-tested SEO strategies for personal injury lawyers. 

No matter your firm’s size, location or market, our adaptive SEO models can set you up for success.

Finding the Right Fit

The initial meeting with our agency is insightful, value-laden, and designed to make sure neither of us are wasting time. We’ll quickly help each other find out if we’re a good fit for helping you reach your goals, and if not, we’ll happily help you connect with the right resources.

Discovery Consult

This stage involves a deep dive into the state of your personal injury SEO, position in the market, competitive advantages, easy wins, short, mid and long-term opportunities for growth, and more.

We’ll figure out what’s working, what’s not, and how we can leverage SEO to achieve maximum impact on your law firm’s bottom line.

Increase Qualified Leads

Attract MORE inbound leads from people who are interested in buying or leasing a new or used car, or in routine maintenance, services and warranties.

Does a 67% increase in the number of qualified form leads sound good to you? Reach out today and find out how we’ve achieved these types of results for our clients.

Executing the Game Plan

Masterful execution of an SEO strategy month in and month out, building momentum and working skillfully to outperform your competition. Our specialized teams handle individual aspects of your campaign, working synergistically towards the end goal(s). From our world class content writing team, to our technical SEOs, PR staff and link builders.

Measuring Returns and Results

We believe in earning our keep, making sure that you always have transparency into what is being done and the results achieved.

We’re always here to answer questions and have our feet put to the coals. When push comes to shove, we’re the SEO team you want fighting in the trenches to help you achieve top tier search results that earn you more business month after month.

Adapting and Evolving

The legal landscape, your competitors, and Google are in a constant state of flux. Algorithmic updates, increased competition, competitor ad spend and strategy implementation and more require close and careful monitoring.

As an agile personal injury SEO agency, we keep out thumbs on the pulse of the market, adapting your strategy to optimally perform against what is working today, not last week.

Rest easy knowing that you have a full-time team of industry expert SEOs keeping watch over your firm’s performance online.

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Work with an Industry-Leading Personal Injury and Accident SEO Firm

Get More Clients & the Recognition You Deserve, All While We Help Grow Your Practice. 

Connect with a personal injury SEO consultant at Epidemic Marketing and see what we can do for you. You’ll know that we’re the right fit after just one phone call. 

Let’s talk about how we can take your business from where it is now, to where you envision it going. No matter your goals or aspirations, we can help you get there. 

Call or message today. Beer or coffee is on us.

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