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Helping grow local businesses through SEO

Local business is BIG business with Epidemic Marketing on your side. We make sure your business is right where your customers want it: at the top of Google Search results.

46% of searches made on Google have local search intent. A recent study found that 68% of consumers would stop using a local business if they found incorrect information in online directories. The bottom line is that you need to be found in local results and your information has to be correct or you risk losing customers and business.

The average business owner just doesn’t have time to become a local search expert. That’s where we come in.

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Getting your Business Noticed can Be TOUGH

We get it. We really do. Local SEO services might make it seem easy, but the fact is, SEO is a complex, multi-disciplinary marketing channel that is hard for anyone to master while running a business.

Not only that, Local SEOs are constantly at the whim of Google’s tantrums and algorithmic updates, putting their livelihood on the line and making it difficult to keep the needle consistently moving in the right direction.

Add to that the increasingly competitive landscape of local markets in virtually every industry, and you have a recipe for one massive headache.

We don’t want to say we have the BEST Local SEO Services…but we have the BEST local SEO services, and a documented track record of getting clients results to prove it.

We’re ready to go to bat and hit a home run. Put us in coach.

We Already Do Our Own Marketing… Why Are Local SEO Services Even Necessary ?

Fact is, you have a business because you do something better than anyone else. But if we had to guess, this “something” isn’t SEO. And that’s ok.
We don’t want to take away from the hard work and elbow grease you’ve already put into marketing your website and business, we just want to throw gasoline on the spark you started and turn your website into a cash-printing, ROI fanatic.
In 2020 and beyond, Local SEO is more important than ever before.
This has ramped up competition to a level never before seen. And while opportunities abound in this market, they will only be available for those who hit the gas pedal on SEO.

why is local seo so important?

We like data and research, so let us hit you with some facts Jack (or Jill, we’re inclusive over here)…

80% local purchase

Over 80% of All Local Purchases are Influenced by a Google Search

Think With Google, 2020

72% of consumers

72% Of Consumers Who Conducted a Local Search Query Visited a Store Within 5 Miles

HubSpot Marketing Statistics

49% google search

Over 49% of all Google Search Queries Have Local Intent

Google, 2020

150% faster

From 2018-2020 searches for local businesses without the qualifier “near me” have grown 150%, faster than those without that qualifier.

Think With Google, 2020

18% smartphone searches

18% of All Smartphone searches with local intent resulted in a purchase within 24 hours

Think With Google, 2020

78% mobile searches

78% of Mobile Searches with Local Intent Result in an OFFLINE Sale (i.e. In-store).


75% of consumers

75% Of Consumers Searching for Products and Services on Google NEVER Scroll Past the First Page Results

Hubspot Marketing

86% of people

86% of People Searching for Information About a Business Look them Up on Google Maps

Think With Google, 2020

61% of people

61% Of Those Searching for Products and Services on Mobile Devices are More Likely to Contact a Local Business with a Mobile-friendly Site.


88% of consumers

88% of Consumers Consider Online Reviews as Trustworthy as a Personal Recommendation from a Friend.


What Is Local SEO? – Give it to me straight

  • Simply put, Local SEO services are designed to optimize your website (content, code, performance, security, and more) as well as off-page factors (such as brand, trust, authority and other signals), to improve ranking and visibility on Google and other search engines.
  • Local SEO services are uniquely tailored to your geographical market, industry, competitive landscape and Google’s own ever-evolving algorithm to help you outpace and outperform the competition.
  • Localized search engine optimization is about providing the right content (brand, products or services) to the right audience in a way that provides value and connects buyers with sellers who can meet their needs.
  • Local search engine optimization ensures you, your brand, company and offers show up for customers looking for what you have to offer in the geographic area you service/serve. This could be a local neighborhood, zip code, county, or even multi-state locations.
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Our SEO Services Consists of:

Advanced Keyword research

Rank tracking

Internal and and external link management

Keyword Targeted Pages

Detailed Reporting

Local SEO Tactics

Citation Building

SEO Friendly Website Design

Schema Markup

Conversion Rate Optimization

Our Local Denver SEO Services and Your Business are a match made in digital heaven

Search engine optimization plays a critical role in the buyer’s journey, impacting marketing campaigns across the entire spectrum of marketing channels.

Example: Say someone finds your paid advertisement and clicks. The landing page and sales copy look good, but they want validation that you’re not just blowing smoke. So they head to Google and type in your business name looking to see if you have a fully built out website and brand that looks authoritative, has reviews, case studies, product demos/examples, etc.

No matter the entry point into the sales cycle, search can and does impact a prospective customer’s purchase decision.

Let's talk about your business

Want to find out how your website is performing in the search engines? Talk to an experienced SEO about how SEO will help your business. We promise no flashy sales pitch just straight talk about your current SEO status and a plan to move the needle in the right direction.

Book a 15 minute consultation with no obligation!

How Local SEO Services Can Help Your Business Thrive in Today’s Competitive Market

Increase Brand Recognition

When someone says, “Hey do you know a good place for XYZ”, do you want them talking about your business or a competitor? A comprehensive SEO and branding 1-2 punch ensures that your business tastefully penetrates the market, canvasing the community and making sure that when people think about the types of services/products you offer, they think of YOUR company first.

If You’re Not First You’re Last

More than half the battle is showing up when and where your customers (and prospective customers) need and expect you to. This means crafting and executing an SEO strategy around the keywords, search phrases and search intent of your target market.

Attract Hyper Local Web Traffic, Leads and Sales

Many local businesses unknowingly waste time, energy, resources and MONEY on targeting the WRONG audience (often by accident). Local SEO is unique in that search trends can (and do) vary between micro-geographic locations.

Example: Residents in one city might be willing to travel 15 miles to get what they need, while those in a different city might only be willing to travel 5 miles but only East due to traffic or other circumstances.

We make sure your business is investing in SEO tailored to put your business in front of high-intent buyers who shop in your geographic service area.

Authority and Trust

More than half the battle is showing up when and where your customers (and prospective customers) need and expect you to. This means crafting and executing an SEO strategy around the keywords, search phrases and search intent of your target market.

Local SEO Services: Campaign Overview

Although each campaign is custom designed to help your business meet its unique goals, budget, timeline and more, there are some key components common to many of the campaigns we develop and implement.

Market Analysis and Competitive Intelligence Deep Dive

Before we even begin, we conduct a sweeping review of your market, consumer behaviors, and competitive landscape in order to determine the best tactical approach to helping you get results fast.

Local Search SEO

Search engine optimization focused on your localized market, community and audience. This component has a core focus on local search intent and the needs of your customers.

Google My Business (GMB)

Arguably the most powerful lead generation tool in local SEO, we set up and optimize your GMB to consistently generate phone calls, inquiries and foot traffic. Ongoing optimization efforts focus on progressively ranking your GMB across your territory, dominating local maps and earning you more customers.

Content Planning, Creation and Publication

Optimized content is the food that fuels the Google beast, informing the search engine about how valuable your page(s) might be for any given keyword, keyword phrase or underlying search intent. Simply put, optimized content designed to exceed the needs and goals of the searcher means better rankings.

Landing Pages

Pages designed to capture audience attention, drive interest, spur desire and spark action (i.e. sales/conversions).

Reviews and Reputation

Reviews and ratings are a major deciding factor for consumers who are determining where to spend their money. Some research shows that even one visible negative review can turn away up to 22% of prospective new customers, with each additional negative review having a negative compounding effect.

Local Citations

Local citations, directory listings, brand mentions, and more have a significant impact on local SEO. But even minor discrepancies between listings can be detrimental. We create, publish and fix key citations for your local market, making sure you have the right citations needed to outperform the competition.

Powerful, Authoritative Google-Trusted Backlinks

The importance of backlinks cannot be understated. But not just any backlinks. We work hard to earn you Google-safe links that pack a punch.

Transparent Performance Reporting

With Epidemic Marketing you always know what’s working and what isn’t. We believe in clear and transparent reporting that focuses on what matters: your KPIs. From incoming phone calls and inquiries, to lead generation, walk-ins and sales, we make sure you have the numbers you need to make the best decisions about your business.

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The Best Time to Start is Now.
You have a vision for your company. Let us help you bridge the gap between where you’re at now and where you want to be.

The search for “Local SEO Services Near Me” is over. When you’re ready to get results, get Epidemic with your marketing and hire our team to grow your business.

Our Real Customer Review Say it All

The service offered By Noah and His team is superb. They understand exactly what needs to be done to provide an unrivaled service for the client. Their response times are fast and they have gone above and beyond what I have asked of them. I would recommend them without hesitation. If your looking for a client-oriented team that delivers, look no further.

Julian Westaway

Epidemic Marketing is one of the best SEO companies in San Diego. Noah and his team helped me with a CRO audit and really opened my eyes as to what customers are looking for when looking at things from an e-commerce point of view. If you don’t want to mess around, call Epidemic Marketing and get internet marketing results now, rather than later.

Nick T.

Called around to a few different places in the Carlsbad area and found Epidemic Marketing to be the most responsive and straight-forward internet marketing firm. Noah listened to me and asked what my goals for my e-commerce website were and it was really refreshing to get a couple of pointers and tips. I ended up going with his marketing company for a website redesign and have contracted them on to also do optimization for conversions since I am selling B2C.

Adam Kesten

“When we’ve spent hours and weeks on our websites, it can be super tough to step back with an outsider’s perspective. I hired Noah to help me with two pages of two different sites and the feedback he gave was fantastic! After making the suggested changes on one page, I experienced more conversions, almost immediately. His rates are affordable and the quality you get is top notch. If I ever need more help, Epidemic Marketing is where I would turn for conversion rate optimization (CRO).”

Rajam Roose

I’ve worked with Noah for a while now and I’ve learned a lot from him. Not only is he an amazing SEO, but he’s also incredible at increasing the value of each conversion through CRO (conversion rate optimization). I recently hired him to work on a big restaurant project and the recommendations led to an 80+ position increase in less than a month (the site was in pretty bad shape so it had nowhere to go but up). He’s an authority in the SEO space and he’s a pleasure to know. You can’t go wrong with Epidemic Marketing.

Andrew Ansley

Epidemic and I worked on an SEO project together. I knew I needed a CRO specialist. So I drew out my ideas, then they sent me a comp to review in a matter of days. They had smart insight on how I could improve my conversions. Noah made all types of suggestions on UX, including on-page improvements that would gain us more exposure in the top of Google search. The payoff was amazing. After the new home page was published, it rocketed up to page 1, even in very competitive Water Damage searches in a major city! You cant beat working with a true expert, PLUS…you pay for what you get. And they deliver the best.

Keith Evans

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