The average conversion rate across all sites is 2.95%.


left than 1%
Around 25% off all sites convert at less than 1% on average
The worldwide average conversion rate of websites across all verticals
The top 25% of all sites convert at 5.31% or higher across all verticals

Low KPI’s Keeping you Up at Night?

Do you find yourself worrying about:

  • Low visitor engagement
  • Unsatisfactory bounce rates
  • High cart abandonment rates
  • Low conversion rates
  • Identifying factors that need to change
  • Marginal cart values

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Uncover Hidden Profits

Your site has POTENTIAL. Let us uncover it for you.

At Epidemic Marketing, we’re more than just Conversion Rate Optimization experts. We’re a team of talented individuals who care about helping you take your business to the next level.

And we’ve got the data & proof to back that up.

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Increase Your Conversions

Increase Your Conversions

See what our Customers are Saying

Mike Peyzner

I had a great experience hiring Noah and his team at Epidemic Marketing for Conversion Rate Optimization. I could tell the report was thorough and the work was done as best as possible. The recommendations are objective and with reasoning based on sound business practices. I highly recommend this company for all your CRO and marketing needs.

Lorri Ritchie

Absolutely amazing session with Noah at Epidemic about SEO and CRO. He was able to describe a complicated subject in a way that was easily understandable and provided loads of suggestions and actionable items to improve the performance of my website.

Brian Hong

Noah is the smart guy you look for to make your business more successful. Epidemic’s CRO audits provide great actionable tips with an undeniable positive impact on conversions. I’ll be contacting him again!

Optimization Services that Deliver

Tired of providers that don’t live up to the hype? Good, so are we.

metrics, KPIs, analytics Discoverty


Investigation of existing metrics, KPIs, analytics & data to uncover drop off points, bottlenecks, and areas of opportunity.

This phase also helps us learn about your business, as well as your competitors.

plan to achieve all your goals


The gameplan to achieve all your goals. We map a complete strategy that contains actionable insights, usability improvements, experiments, data and wireframes to make sure you understand the big picture from a 5000ft view.



Ideas are great. But implementation is key. We offer a fully managed solution, handling not only strategy, actionable tactics that will drive performance.

user experience

Design / Ux

CRO isn’t just about “sales copy”. Its also about the user experience.

We work to re-architect information, adjust layouts, color schemes, workflows and more to improve the user experience and develop a modern conversion focused design that best represents your brand and values.



Our expert CRO team will design, implement, measure and test variables we believe to be major contributing factors to your conversion rates.

Our fully managed optimization process means you can focus on the business, while we make sure the visitors you work hard to bring to the site convert like they should.

analytical reports and professional insights


Our data-driven approach takes out the guesswork in CRO, making sure you hit the ground running, often producing measurable ROI from day one after starting your campaign.

And our analytical reports and professional insights serve as the foundation for continued improvements and adjustments over time.

Let’s do this!

Optimization Process

Higher Conversions are as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Uncover Hidden Gems

    Our conversion rate audit evaluates current and historical performance, highlights “quick fixes” and uncovers hidden gems that can take your site from zero to hero in no time flat!

    By uncovering core bottle-necks and implementing our conversion framework, we can provide immediate implementation tactics resulting in upwards of 100%+ increases in conversion rates.

  2. Design & Implementation

    After a full diagnosis and audit, our CRO experts will begin implementation of identified opportunities, establishing benchmarks and test parameters for further analysis and tuning.

  3. Experimentation & Analysis

    Our world class CRO experts continue to fine-tune your pages and site based on marketing campaigns, traffic sources, target audiences and dozens of data points to ensure we squeeze every dollar out of your site.

Optimization Features at a Glance

Conversion Rate Optimization is about technology, data, analytics and purchase behavior/psychology

Our unique combination of powerful tools & experts explore visitor behavior patterns and purchasing behavior to capture more dollars.

Key Features

Is Your Site a Leaky Faucet?

Fact is, most are. Let us recover all that LOST PROFIT for you!

73% is the average abandon cart rate on desktop worldwide
80% is the average abandon cart rate on tablets worldwide
85% is the average abandon cart rate on mobile phones worldwide

Why all of this is Important

You’ve worked hard to earn those visitors…why not make sure they convert?

We get it. As a business owner you have a MILLION other things to worry about. Your conversion rate is just one more “to-do” item on a list that never seems to get entirely completed.

But this process isn’t just another checkmark to get to when you have time. Making sure your visitors convert is one aspect of your business where you can literally earn MORE PROFITS from the hard work you already do to attract visitors to your site.

Conversion Rate Optimization is unique, in that it has a compounding effect on your business, reducing marketing, social and outreach costs, while simultaneously increasing profits, revenue and other core metrics.

If you’re still on the fence, give us a call today. We’d love to discuss how we can help.

Importance of CRO

Why Choose Us

Ok ok, so we’re a bit biased. Who wouldn’t be.

However, the fact remains that we’ve helped HUNREDS of businesses just like yours Increase profits, drive conversions and grow their business day in and day out.

There’s a reason customers just like you CHOOSE US for their optimization and design needs, and it's because we help them.

  • Uncover key leverage points that lead to GROWTH
  • Discover hidden opportunities to boost engagement & sales
  • Quickly test ideas and provide expert insight into results
  • Better understand their target audience
  • Leverage hands off, completely managed services
  • Accelerate sales conversions & LTV of customers

By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website.

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