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Are you an Oceanside, CA based business looking to take your business to the next level? Are looking for more leads, more sales and month after month of continued growth?

Then you’ve come to the right place. Epidemic Marketing has been helping Oceanside businesses like yours beat out the competition, drive sales, and increase phone calls, inquires, and walk-ins, day in and day out.

Our localized SEO services are what you need to propel your business into improved profitability and long-term success.

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With a proven track record of success, Epidemic Marketing has been helping Oceanside businesses achieve and surpass their marketing and sales goals for over a decade. Our results-driven and battle-tested SEO campaigns are custom-tailored for each of our clients individually, providing you with exactly what you need to move the needle in the right direction and get the best ROI.

The Importance of LOCAL SEO

In today’s digitally-driven economy, local search optimization is more important than ever before. Your customers are looking for you online, even before they physically come into your shop. If your brand isn’t there to greet them front and center on Google, you can be sure your competitors are. Stop losing sales to the competition and get the business your brand deserves.

According to HubSpot over 50% of consumers that conduct a “local” search on their smartphone end up visiting that store within a 24-hour window of time.

Locally optimized sites and Google Places properties show up in over 93% of search queries with local intent – is your business showing up when and where demanded by prospective customers?

Still not convinced? How about the fact that around 78% of localized searches result in offline purchases. Do we have your attention yet?

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Website Design

World Class Web Designers that know a thing or two about performance-driven designs

No matter what your website design entails, from simple to complex, our team can help you bring your vision into reality with a website design you’ll be proud to call your own.

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SEO Search Engine Optimization

Increase Sales, Drive More Leads and Boost your Business with SEO!

Your customers are looking for the products and services you offer every single day. Is your website showing up in the right places at the right time to capitalize on those searches?

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Conversion Optimization

Up to 10x the Results without Spending a Dime More on Marketing!

Turn more traffic into loyal, paying customers with our advanced data-driven CRO techniques, guaranteed to improve ROI and performance.

Customer reviews say it all

Our humble brag…we think we do good work. It seems our clients are inclined to agree.

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I would have to say that Epidemic is an outstanding company to work with. They manage all of my SEO and help me design and attract new customers. I highly recommend them. The level of service is outstanding. I can’t praise them enough.
Ryan Jubela
Masters Kitchen and Cocktails
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We have already seen a 20% increase in revenues… Looking forward to more growth!
Dr. Michael Gorgas
San Diego Thyroid Institute
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Great to work with and professional! Helped us with our SEO and website. Our traffic to our site has more than doubled in 90 days. We have had a lot of great results working with this team.
Dr. Hilary Stokes and Dr. Kim Ward
Authenticity Associates

OCEANSIDE, CA – Beaches, sun, and business!

Known for its Palm-sprinkled Harbor Beach and Oceanside Harbor’s busy marina and shops, Oceanside is the perfect place to run a business. But the sun isn’t the only thing heating up in the area, so is the competition. For years Epidemic Marketing has helped Oceanside based businesses tackle the changing dynamic of the local market and stay one step ahead of the competition.

Our digital marketing campaigns and local SEO services are custom-tailored for Oceanside, making our services stand out among a crowd of “do it all” competitors. We know Oceanside, and we know how to leverage that knowledge and our localized resources and connections to help not only put your business on the map, but make sure it is the must-visit destination for the products and services you offer.

Oceanside: Fun Facts and Places

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Business Stats

Incorporated in 1888
Home to over 6,198 businesses

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Notable places to visit

Heritage Park Village
Guajome County Park
Beach House Winery

A graphic of a sailing ship

Ocean and Beach Attractions galore

Oceanside Pier
Oceanside Municipal Marina

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Are your Local Marketing Efforts Producing the Results You Need?

Don’t settle for sub-par results. Let us make the most out of every marketing dollar you spend.

Is your Local Google Listing Properly Optimized?

Sure, you’ve got a GMB (Google my Business) listing, or at least we hope that you do. But how do you know if it’s working as hard as it should for your business? At Epidemic Marketing we specialize in “localized” performance, meaning we know a thing or two about optimizing your business across all mediums to bring in hyper-targeted localized traffic and sales.

Data directly from studies conducted internally at Google have demonstrated time and again that customers expect and demand that businesses optimize their profiles in order to make it easy for them to find critical information necessary for that consumer to take action (i.e. find directions to your store, hours of operation, reviews, contact information and services/products available).

Epidemic Marketing can help you optimize all of those items and more, making sure:

Is your Site Optimized for Localized Searches?

Optimizing your website for local search traffic isn’t as simple as adding a few keywords and listing your local contact information on your site. Google looks at over 200 ranking signals to determine where your site should show up for local (as well as national) searches. Add to that a layer of localized complexity driven by a number of unique factors that tell Google your page is actually relevant and useful to a local user and you realize local SEO isn’t as easy as it first sounded.

Our local search optimization experts have combined decades of experience helping businesses in Oceanside and surrounding areas dominate the local market by helping them establish and cement a local presence in Google that positions them as the “go to” for the types of products and services they offer.

Google search SEO for Restaurants
Google search results of “restaurants near me”
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Mobile Traffic, and why it’s so Important for Local Businesses

Mobile optimization is more important today than ever before. With more than half of ALL search traffic coming from mobile, if your site isn’t up to par, you’re going to leave a bad first impression with over half of your new prospective customers. One study showed that over 50% of users would be MUCH LESS apt to engage with a company again if their first mobile experience was bad. Further, another 48% reported that sites poorly optimized for mobile left them feeling aggravated. Is that the type of feeling you think will be good for business? Neither do we.



By establishing an omni-channel marketing approach that leverages local SEO as a framework from which to build upon, we are able to set up your business for both short and long term success, helping you grow,

prosper, and beat out the competition.

For more than a decade we’ve helped local Oceanside Businesses
The epidemic marketing difference:

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