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HVAC SEO is our specialty!

A steady stream of customers and phone calls is the lifeblood of your HVAC, AC and/or furnace repair business. But with competition heating up (pun intended), it can be hard to stay afloat.

Search Engine

Gone are the days of “phone book”, radio, and print ads bringing in customers. Even your grandmother is on the internet now, and when it comes to finding a service provider for HVAC/AC/Furnace repair and installation, your customers are turning to Google.

Seven out of every ten buying decisions are first explored with a search query. This holds true for both online and OFFLINE sales.

Fact is, search engine placements are as important as ever. Not only do customers expect you to be there, if you aren’t they are more than happy to go with a provider who is. This makes search engine optimization even more costly to ignore. If you’re business isn’t highly visible in search results, you’ll lose out of potential customers, brand recognition, and sales…..but you’ll also be handing the competition the ammunition they need to put you out of business.

Make no bones about it, the competition IS trying to put you six feet under. There’s a reason business is often described in terms of war and battles, and that’s because it’s a no-holds barred fight for survival out there.

With customers having access to more options than ever with the stroke of the keyboard, earning new business is an ongoing fight no matter your industry or niche.

Grow your business, year after year.

Your website can be a phenomenal passive sales tool.

Too many local businesses overlook it as a sales generation tool. Our goal is to help you grow and scale your business year after year. We work with you to understand your business goals and actively work towards them.

Bottom Line:

  • Get a high value return on marketing investment with highly targeted HVAC SEO

  • Generate Leads

  • Reach the customers already searching for your business

  • Turn visitors into paying customers

One of our actual HVAC SEO clients.

Where are Customers going

Where are Customers going to find Localized Services?

When it comes to localized service providers, data shows that customers are turning to:

  • Search Engines (Google, Bing, etc.)
  • Social Media (business pages, and referrals from friends)
  • Service Comparison & Directory Sites (i.e. HomeAdvisor, Yelp, etc.)

In fact, a recent survey of over 2000 customers uncovered that over 86% of the surveyed group frequently used the internet to find local service providers.

Out of those that first turned to the internet for aid in finding a provider, 74% said they first hit search engines.  With Google holding over 70% of the search market share, it's clear to see where your effort should be directed towards.

Fact is, if your business isn’t showing up for relevant localized search keywords (i.e. HVAC services and repair, AC services and repair, furnace services and repair, etc.) then you’re losing out on potential new customers and revenue. As HVAC SEO specialists we can help you bring in those leads that your competitors are currently receiving.

Understanding how Search Engines Work

The last decade has brought about some serious changes to the ways in which search engines, find, categorize, prioritize, and determine where your pages show up in their organic results.

Despite the overwhelming complexity of HVAC SEO search algorithms (for example Google looks at over 200 ranking signals), it’s not all that complicated to do the right thing. Let’s take a moment to break down the basics.

When it comes to “search engine results”, there are three types:

  • Paid or “PPC” listings
  • Map Pack Listings
  • Organic Results

How can you leverage Google to kill the

HVAC SEO should be your #1 producer of inbound leads, whether from Google My Business map listings or organic search results.

Google My Business map

But you can’t just set and forget it. Type in your business niche + city name right now…go ahead, we’ll wait….

See that little number below the search bar? It’s pretty big right? Yeah, that’s how many websites you are directly or indirectly competing against for top placements. Why should Google choose you out of the tens or hundreds of thousands of other sites?

That’s where an expertly crafted and brilliantly executed search engine optimization plan comes into place.

A comprehensive HVAC SEO strategy should include at a minimum:

  • Keyword research, mapping & prioritization
  • Local and regionally based HVAC SEO strategies
  • Technical on-page / on-site review & analysis
  • Conversion optimization review
  • Usability / user experience audit
  • Speed optimization & performance testing
  • Residual content curation & deployment strategy
  • Inbound & outbound link modeling & building strategies
  • Detailed monthly performance reports

Results from HVAC SEO

Accurately measuring the success of your website is what allows us to determine what the next step(s) need to be.

We know you want results that you can understand. Epidemic provides real time reports interpreted into actionable steps. Then we act, and you WILL notice.

Insight Results
Clicky Results

Increasing your exposure and getting more visitors is good, showing up in search results for customers who want to buy services is great, getting customers to give you money for your services is essential.

We bring the visitors to your site and give them what they are looking for. We also monitor and track their behavior with heatmaps and data collection. That way we can continue to make adjustments that get them closer to becoming a paying customer.

What’s Google Want from my Business?

This is one of the most loaded SEO questions for HVAC, AC, and furnace service companies. We know Google looks at, weights, and ranks your site based off of 200 plus ranking signals.

Some of these “signals” have been made public, while others are a tightly kept secret. Luckily for you, we’ve had years of testing and tons of data on our side to make sense of the mess that is the Google algorithm. While this isn’t a comprehensive guide by any means, below we’ll cover the primary pillars that should be used to establish the foundation of a proper SEO strategy…

Logo Brand





& Usability

Closing thoughts:

When it comes to positioning your HVAC, AC or furnace services and repair business for success, search engine optimization simply can’t be ignored.

Modern consumers have moved towards utilizing digital mediums to search, find, and vet local service providers. If your business isn’t readily available for them to browse and choose from, you can be sure one of your competitors sites is there and ready to siphon up business that could have been yours if you had focused on HVAC SEO for your company.

If your HVAC, AC, or Furnace repair company is struggling to get the results you’re looking for, or simply are unsure of where to start, give us a call today. We’ve successfully worked with many local brands, just like yours, to secure search engine rankings that last.