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Epidemic Marketing specializes in customized SEO campaigns designed to help dentists and dental clinics grow their practice, earn the trust of the community, establish authority, and dominate their local market from their competitor.

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Why is SEO so Powerful For Dentists?

A well-executed search engine optimization (SEO) strategy designed specifically for dentist offices will help connect you with more clients looking for dental treatments. Hopefully with you! 

Using the right marketing strategy for search engine rankings and leveraging the power of social media, you can increase your online presence, increase website traffic and reach more potential clients looking for oral treatments and implants, helping you to rank higher and gain more business.

Work with Epidemic Marketing and You’ll Get

Improved Visibility In Your Target Market

Skyrocket ranking for the most valuable keywords in your industry, helping you earn more clicks, traffic, engagement, credibility and appointments.

We make sure your site is highly visible and ranking above the competition when prospective customers are looking for a new dentist in their area.

For example, when people search for ‘dentists near me’ or ‘dentists in (your city)”, who is showing up now? The competition?

Stop losing patients to the dentist across town. Let us leverage specialized local SEO strategies developed just for dentists to make sure you get and stay ahead of the competition.

Get Ahead of the Pack (and stay there)

Have you heard of the ‘local pack’?

When you search for local businesses and services on Google, the first results are often from the ‘map pack’, showing you Google’s version of a local directory, listing local business’ name, reviews/ratings, address and phone number.

Ranking in the ‘map pack’, which is ABOVE even regular organic search results, can bring you upwards of 59% MORE phone calls and appointments.

In fact, some research shows that nearly 42% of local searchers end up clicking on these results first.

A Steady Flow of New Dental Patient Leads

New patient leads are the lifeblood of any dental practice or clinic. Without them, attrition can eat away the bottom line, while growth is practically stifled. Our SEO experts can make sure your practice has a steady flow of prospective new patients eager to meet with you or your dentists for all of their dental hygiene needs.

Increased Revenue Month Over Month

At the end of the day, it’s money that talks. Our SEO for dentists is focused on the numbers that matter the most, those that not only bring awareness and interest in your practice, but those efforts that turn target audience into new patients. Our goal is to provide your brand a good ranking factor to get attention online while also actively seeking out and engaging a steady stream of prospective new patients who need dental hygiene such as tooth fillings, teeth whitening etc.

In Today’s Modern Economy, Digital Marketing and SEO Reign Supreme

Today, consumers look to the web for everything from groceries to finding the right dentist. Research shows that more than 80% of all buying decisions for goods and services start with a search engine search.

This includes those that eventually come into a place of business to obtain those services (your dental office for example).

Let’s Take a Closer Look at the Data:

Most glaring of all is that patients who found their dentist online were more than 8x more likely to visit that practice and/or schedule an appointment. 

If you’re still relying on outdated, inefficient and poor performing marketing and advertising channels, now is the time to take a closer look at SEO professionals for your dental practice.

Helping Dentists Reach More Patients with Dental SEO

Tap into decades of SEO experience and leverage the power of Google to bring in new business like clockwork. 

Our customized approach uses battle-tested strategies and tactics designed specifically for the dental market, helping dentists and guide dental practices reach their goals faster. 

With our holistic approach to performance marketing, you can’t go wrong.

Dentists and a dental patient doing a thumbs up sign inside the clinic
Smiling dental client listening to dentist explaining

Why Is SEO Important for Dentists?

As of today, there are more than 150,000 dentists working all across the US, with multiple dental offices serving even small towns, and sometimes more than 100 serving a single large city. 

But you’re not just competing with dentists in your own hometown. Many patients travel up to 40 miles to see a dentist of their choosing. 

In such a hyper-competitive market, you need SEO to ensure your business shows up online when people search for ‘dentist near me’ or ‘dentist in (city)’. 

If you’re not showing up, you can bet that the competition is, virtually ‘stealing’ prospective new patients right from under your nose. 

You need to be visible, approachable, trustworthy, authoritative, friendly, and available for those searching for dental services online. Let us make sure that you stand out among the sea of competitors.

Why Invest in SEO Versus PPC?

Pay Per Click (PPC) can be effective. It can also be incredibly expensive, with some clicks going for as high as $60 per click. With an average conversion rate across the web of 3% (yours may be higher), that’s a big upfront cost for new patient acquisition.

Even if successful in the virtual bidding war for clicks, results are immediate, but also dissipate as soon as you turn off the credit card.

SEO on the other hand, represents a long-term investment in the success of your practice. SEO solidifies your authority in your local market(s), establishes your dental practice as the ‘go to’ for care and treatment, and helps you dominate the digital real estate that is shown to people who search for the terms that earn you the most revenue.

In other words, the investment you make into SEO marketing today, could pay off for years to come. Further, many consumers are leery of paid ads, clicking less and converting at lower rates, all while costs per click have skyrocketed.

Word seo printed with other graphics like phone, the globe, website page, etc.

Want to find out how your website is performing in the search engines? Talk to an experienced SEO company about how SEO will help your business profile. We promise no flashy sales pitch just straight talk about your current SEO status and a plan to move the needle in the right direction.

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Epidemic Marketing Implements the Best SEO Strategies for Dentists

Local SEO FOR DENTISTS Designed to Dominate your City

Google states that nearly half of ALL Google searches have a ‘local’ intent. Google uses separate algorithms and data points in order to rank and display businesses local to that dental patient’s location. 

We leverage this algorithm, along with locally optimized web pages and other properties such as Google Maps listings and Google Business profile, to drive more clicks, calls, leads and conversions. 

The next time someone searches for ‘best dentist in (city)’ or ‘dentists near me’, let us make sure YOU are the one that shows upfront and central.

On-Page SEO Optimization

On-Page optimization takes your website and supercharges it to rank better for the search terms that drive new business. 

Google looks at over 200 ever-evolving factors, layered into independent algorithms that work synergistically to display the best web results to searchers. We optimize your web pages to perfectly align with what Google is looking for, helping your site excel at providing more value to visitors.

Building Authority and Ranking with Google-Safe Backlinks

Your website is the patient-generating engine that turns visitors into happy patients that will be with your practice for years to come. 

But it takes backlinks to power up and fuel that engine’s performance. Each backlink tells google that another site or person has ‘voted’ for the value your website and practice offers. It is a ‘vouch’ and ‘vote of confidence’, indicating to Google that others may also find your site valuable, thus ranking it higher. 

But the wrong backlinks are like running with the wrong crowd, potentially resulting in a ‘Google penalty’, de-ranking and a crushing loss of traffic, visibility and new business.

Engaging Content Development

SEO tactics get visitors to click on your search result, but valuable, engaging content keeps them there. 

Not only that, the right content marketing strategy will help you rank for more keywords across more territories, enabling you to siphon off valuable search traffic for dental-related searches in your target market. 

Website content can also add a lot of value for visitors, showcase your expertise, build trust, trustworthiness, establish relationships, and make a good first impression on potential new patients. 

What Types of Content Might Be Appropriate? Topics such as…

Optimal User Experience

Recent Google updates have placed an ever-increasing focus on the overall user experience. From web design and architecture, to intuitive navigation, high-quality content, page speed, and more. 

Your dental office’s website needs to be:

SEO Services for Dentists

Search Engine Optimization That Gets Results 

Let our team develop a custom SEO service for your dental clinic and help you and your practice get and stay ahead of competing dentists in your area. 

Our services include:

Dental instruments

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We’ve got answers. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about dental SEO services.

Will SEO practices Help Me Get More Patients?

Yes. That’s the whole point. Our team is backed by years of documented results for clients across a broad range of industries, including dentistry.

How Much Does Dental SEO Cost

Costs can vary quite a bit, and are dependent on several factors including but not limited to: 

Reach out today for a free initial consult and to find out if we’ll be a good fit.

Is SEO a Good Investment for a Dentist to Make?

Yes. More than 80% of all purchase decisions, including choosing a dentist, begin with a search engine keyword research.

The right SEO strategy can put you in front of those prospective patients, helping you earn more business, and solidifying your long-term position as a leader in your geographic area.

Do You Guarantee Results?

If you perform a root canal and it doesn’t take, or if there are complications that need to be treated further do you wave the cost of the root canal for your patients?

Likely not.
Similarly, there are factors that can be unforeseen or out of our control that can impact your campaigns, which is why no honest SEO agency would ever offer a specific performance guarantee.

Google can update its algorithm, requiring adjustments, or competitors could decide to invest 3x what you do into SEO campaign. All of which can unexpectedly impact performance.

Similarly, we can’t control how well your receptionists, or you, can close a lead and schedule them for an appointment. Or whether or not you put in the effort to reach out several times until you reach them to do so.

All of that said, we have a stellar track record of case studies and happy clients for whom we’ve generated a healthy ROI for month after month.

How Long Will It Take to See Results?

No one likes a ‘it depends’, but it truly does. Your budget, local competition, state of your current SEO efforts and website, and more can all play a big role in how fast you’ll see results.

Typically, we see results within the first few months, with results really kicking in around month 6 onward. Once we’ve had a chance to conduct a free audit of your site and market we’ll be able to give you a better estimate.

Can You Help Us Earn Relevant Backlinks to Improve Ranking?

Earning high quality, authoritative, relevant backlinks for a dental practice can be a challenge. This is why working with an agency like ours make sense.

Over the years we have established industry relationships and resources needed to help your site earn more links and get featured/published in more places.

How Long Will We Need to Invest in SEO?

This question depends on your goals. Some dentists are comfortable ranking for just their local town and aren’t as concerned with growth or maximizing revenue past a certain point. Others are interested in growing their office or expanding to new locations.

Different goals require differing timelines and investments in SEO to accomplish. Similarly, other factors, such as what your competitors are doing can impact your own need for continual investment in SEO.

For example, if you stop investing in SEO, and your competitors continue, they will eventually outpace and outrank you.

Do I Need to Continually Post New Content On My Site?

Regularly posting content to your website can benefit your practice in a few unique ways: 

Have SEO Strategies for Dentists Changed Recently?

What works in the world of SEO is constantly changing. If it wasn’t, everyone would be able to ‘game the system’ by spending enough money on the right things. 

This is why dentists and other business owners rely on SEO agencies to handle optimization for them. We keep our thumb on the pulse of what’s working TODAY, not last week, always thinking ahead and making sure your site is primed to perform today and 100 days from now.

Need Help Developing an SEO Strategy for Your Dental Office?

Let Us Help You Grow Your Practice

At Epidemic Marketing we’re ready to help you grow and scale your practice, earn you new patients, and help you achieve record months of revenue. 

Reach out today and connect with us for a free assessment to get started.

Our Real Customer Reviews Say it All

The service offered By Noah and His team is superb. They understand exactly what needs to be done to provide an unrivaled service for the client. Their response times are fast and they have gone above and beyond what I have asked of them. I would recommend them without hesitation. If your looking for a client-oriented team that delivers, look no further.

Epidemic Marketing is one of the best SEO companies in San Diego. Noah and his team helped me with a CRO audit and really opened my eyes as to what customers are looking for when looking at things from an e-commerce point of view. If you don’t want to mess around, call Epidemic Marketing and get internet marketing results now, rather than later.

Called around to a few different places in the Carlsbad area and found Epidemic Marketing to be the most responsive and straight-forward internet marketing firm. Noah listened to me and asked what my goals for my e-commerce website were and it was really refreshing to get a couple of pointers and tips. I ended up going with his marketing company for a website redesign and have contracted them on to also do optimization for conversions since I am selling B2C.

“When we’ve spent hours and weeks on our websites, it can be super tough to step back with an outsider’s perspective. I hired Noah to help me with two pages of two different sites and the feedback he gave was fantastic! After making the suggested changes on one page, I experienced more conversions, almost immediately. His rates are affordable and the quality you get is top notch. If I ever need more help, Epidemic Marketing is where I would turn for conversion rate optimization (CRO).”

I’ve worked with Noah for a while now and I’ve learned a lot from him. Not only is he an amazing SEO, but he’s also incredible at increasing the value of each conversion through CRO (conversion rate optimization). I recently hired him to work on a big restaurant project and the recommendations led to an 80+ position increase in less than a month (the site was in pretty bad shape so it had nowhere to go but up). He’s an authority in the SEO space and he’s a pleasure to know. You can’t go wrong with Epidemic Marketing.

Epidemic and I worked on an SEO project together. I knew I needed a CRO specialist. So I drew out my ideas, then they sent me a comp to review in a matter of days. They had smart insight on how I could improve my conversions. Noah made all types of suggestions on UX, including on-page improvements that would gain us more exposure in the top of Google search. The payoff was amazing. After the new home page was published, it rocketed up to page 1, even in very competitive Water Damage searches in a major city! You cant beat working with a true expert, PLUS…you pay for what you get. And they deliver the best.

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