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Turning Website Visitors Into Customers

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Conversion Optimization

A pretty website will do absolutely nothing for you if it doesn't look good AND make a visitor to convert into a customer. When people find the information they need on a business website, more than 85% of them will visit or call the business. A website built with conversions in mind is a salesperson and not just an expensive business card.

It takes years of experience and careful attention to hard data to learn how to optimize a website for conversions. Our hands-on work with many different industries has helped us learn about user behavior. We have an entire team of specialists that comes together to design a website. This includes a web developer, a graphic designer, and a digital marketing team with over 10 years of experience.

High ROI

Websites stretch your marketing budget - Dollar for dollar websites designed with user intent and digital marketing strategy have a higher return on investment than any other form of internet marketing including paid ads.

Yet, many businesses do not have the most basic information on their websites, such as a phone number or contact form. If the site is too cumbersome, consumers will go elsewhere. Approximately half of business websites are not easy to use, accounting for a 50% loss in potential business. Investing your marketing dollars in an effective website that attracts and engages customers in your business puts you ahead of your competitors and stretches your budget.

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Customer Reviews Say It All

Angel Miller

Noah is creative and has detailed knowledge of graphic/web design and marketing. He is easy and fun to work with. He wants his clients to understand the processes of marketing/web design. He takes his time to explain these areas and he articulates his vision and goals for the customer/clients in understandable terms. Noah is definitely an expert and a great asset to have on your marketing team.

Nicole Cox

Noah is a valuable asset to our business and web design. He has continued to engineer our web pages with knowledge and functionality. I highly recommend Noah for your jobs, big or small.

Dave Muesbeck

Noah is at the top of his league. I came to him for help with my photography website. His work and the service I received from Epidemic Marketing was top notch. I was able to get a word press theme custom designed exactly the way I wanted it. He helped me with my SEO, which I knew nothing about. He also set up a shopping cart/e-commerce site for me which increased my sales…

Protect Your Online Reputation

A difficult to use website can destroy your reputation, even if you provide each and every customer with superb products and services. Research shows that people who find a local businesses will judge the whole business based on website experience. A website visit should reflect the level of customer service you provide face to face.

To perform at it’s best and attract and convert customers, your website needs to:

  • Load quickly on desktop and mobile
  • Be easy to use and allow the user to find what they need quickly
  • Offer clear Calls to Action for the user to purchase, place a call, or contact your business
  • Be responsive and easily viewed and used on a mobile device
  • Be secured with an SSL certificate

Web users will continue to search until they find a user-friendly website, and they are more likely to engage with that business.

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Build Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty and repeat customers are the bread and butter of your business. They not only return to your business, but also recommend your business to other potential customers. Your business website is an important ingredient to developing loyalty amidst your customers.

How does a website build brand loyalty?

When customers find a strong business website these things happen:

  • Approximately 2/3 of the visitors will buy the product or service
  • Almost 75% of them become brand loyal repeat customers
  • Many of these repeat customers will write online reviews
  • More than 70% of potential customers consider online reviews as reliable as personal recommendations from their friends and family

Good website design is not only about being attractive, it is about acting as a sales tool to protect your online reputation, and build your brand. Don't wait another minute. Call us and let's talk about your dream website!

Our Website Design and Development Process

1 - Initial Planning

Our Denver web design team will meet with you and, collaborating together, we will set clear goals and desired visitor actions for the website design. We will get a sense of your style and overall vision for the website. With the plan of utilizing your website as a passive income driver, we will integrate all of these things into a preliminary mockup.

2 - Mockups

Once the preliminary design, or mockups, are completed we will send them to you to look over. This step helps to visualize the concept and make adjustments to the design. Once a final mockup is approved, the website will be built on a fully functioning staging url for you to view and navigate through as a user would.

3 - Staging Server

The staging server is a url that has a live version of your new website that the search engines and public cannot see, but, you can access from a link. During this phase of the process you can go on the website and take it out for a test drive. We will be able to do the small tweaks and adjustments before we go live.

4 - Testing

Last step, almost there! After the staging website is approved our quality assurance team will go through and test every button, link and form to make sure it is in working order.

5 - Deployment

It is time to launch!! With your approval our Denver Web Design team will launch the site live on your url. When we launch, our quality assurance team will go through and test all of the buttons, links, and forms just one more time to make sure there are no bugs.

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