Is Your Website Salesman of the Year?

It should be. Your site is the virtual showroom, sales team, and customer support staff your visitors rely on to help them at a moment’s notice.

Your site is open 24/7/365, and never takes a day off work. Rain or shine, weekends and holidays, its there to champion your brand, position your products/services, build trust, engage prospects, convert visitors and close deals.

With over 80% of all sales (online and in person) being influenced by a web search, having the right web design can make or break your business.

Don’t leave the future of your company to chance. Partner with a web designer and search engine optimization team that knows how to transform your company’s branding, voice, and offers into a site that is as visually stunning as it is performance-minded.


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Unbeatable Website Design | High performance web designers

Your website is a living breathing salesperson that can increase your revenue without the cost of a conventional employee.

Websites don't have business hours, sick days, or holidays. They can convert visitors into customers 24/7/365.

A well-planned web design helps makes you money, protects your reputation, builds brand loyalty.

80% of local businesses are found online via a search engine.

Mobile internet use is the fastest growing sector of internet traffic. Providing a good user experience in a mobile friendly web design converts visitors to customers.

Americans perform 6 billion searches on the internet looking for local businesses

High ROI

Websites stretch your marketing budget – Dollar for dollar websites designed with user intent have a higher return on investment than any other form of internet marketing including paid ads.

Yet, many businesses do not have the most basic information on their websites, such as a phone number or contact form. If the site is too cumbersome, consumers will go elsewhere and search engines will ignore you. Poor website design results in half of business websites being difficult to use, accounting for a 50% loss in potential business. Investing your marketing dollars in an effective digital marketing campaign and website attracts and engages customers and puts you ahead of your competitors and stretches your budget

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American Paintball Coliseum home page with heat map and goal table with data

Conversion Optimization

A pretty website will do absolutely nothing for you if it doesn’t look good AND make a visitor to convert into a customer. Poor web design can confuse and frustrate a visitor causing them to abandon the page. With proper web design people find the information they need on a business website, and more than 85% of them will visit or call the business. A web design executed with conversions in mind is a salesperson and not just an expensive business card.

It takes years of experience and careful attention to hard data to learn how to optimize a website for conversions. Our hands-on digital marketing work in many different industries has taught us to focus on user behavior. We have an entire team of specialists that comes together to perfect your web design. This includes a web developer, a graphic designer, and a search engine optimization and digital marketing team with over 10 years of experience.

Let us help you with your web design needs

Want to find out how your website is performing in the search engines? Talk to an experienced SEO about how SEO will help your business. We promise no flashy sales pitch just straight talk about your current SEO status and a plan to move the needle in the right direction.

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Protect your online reputation

Web users will continue to search until they find a user-friendly website, and they are more likely to engage with that business. Poor web design can cause the user to move on to the next listing in the search engine and you miss out on the business.

Poor web design and a difficult to use website can destroy your reputation and send you plummeting to the bottom of the search engine, even if you provide each and every customer with superb products and services. Research shows that people who find a local businesses will judge the whole business based on website experience. A website visit should reflect the level of customer service you provide face to face. Making sure you have a proper digital marketing team to help guide you through this process is invaluable and will produce R.O.I. for years to come. 

To perform at it’s best and attract and convert customers, your website needs to:

Build brand loyalty

Brand loyalty and repeat customers are the bread and butter of your business. They not only return to your business, but also recommend your business to other potential customers. Professional web design is an important ingredient to developing loyalty amidst your customers.

How does a great web design build brand loyalty? When customers find a strong business website these things happen:

Good web design is not only about being attractive, it is about acting as a sales tool to protect your online reputation, and build your brand. Don’t wait another minute. Call our digital marketing team and let’s talk about your dream website! We can also help with Search Engine Optimization!

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Our Website Design & Development Process

Initial Planning

Our Denver web design team will meet with you and, collaborating together, we will set clear goals and desired visitor actions for the website design. We will get a sense of your style and overall vision for the website. With the plan of utilizing your website as a passive income driver, we will integrate all of these things into a preliminary mockup.


Once the preliminary web design, or mockups, are completed we will send them to you to look over. This step helps to visualize the concept and make adjustments to the design. Once a final mockup is approved, the website will be built on a fully functioning staging url for you by our Denver web design team to view and navigate through as a user would.

Staging Server

The staging server is a url that has a live version of your new website that the search engines and public cannot see, but, you can access from a link. During this phase of the design you can go on the website and take it out for a test drive. We will be able to do the small tweaks and adjustments before we go live.


Last step, almost there! After the staging website is approved our quality assurance team will go through and test every button, link and form to make sure it is in working order.


It is time to launch!! With your approval our Denver Web Design team will launch the site live on your url. When we launch, our quality assurance team will go through and test all of the buttons, links, and forms just one more time to make sure there are no bugs.

Website design
Our Real Customer Review Say it All

The service offered By Noah and His team is superb. They understand exactly what needs to be done to provide an unrivaled service for the client. Their response times are fast and they have gone above and beyond what I have asked of them. I would recommend them without hesitation. If your looking for a client-oriented team that delivers, look no further.

Julian Westaway

Epidemic Marketing is one of the best SEO companies in San Diego. Noah and his team helped me with a CRO audit and really opened my eyes as to what customers are looking for when looking at things from an e-commerce point of view. If you don’t want to mess around, call Epidemic Marketing and get internet marketing results now, rather than later.

Nick T.

Called around to a few different places in the Carlsbad area and found Epidemic Marketing to be the most responsive and straight-forward internet marketing firm. Noah listened to me and asked what my goals for my e-commerce website were and it was really refreshing to get a couple of pointers and tips. I ended up going with his marketing company for a website redesign and have contracted them on to also do optimization for conversions since I am selling B2C.

Adam Kesten

“When we’ve spent hours and weeks on our websites, it can be super tough to step back with an outsider’s perspective. I hired Noah to help me with two pages of two different sites and the feedback he gave was fantastic! After making the suggested changes on one page, I experienced more conversions, almost immediately. His rates are affordable and the quality you get is top notch. If I ever need more help, Epidemic Marketing is where I would turn for conversion rate optimization (CRO).”

Rajam Roose

I’ve worked with Noah for a while now and I’ve learned a lot from him. Not only is he an amazing SEO, but he’s also incredible at increasing the value of each conversion through CRO (conversion rate optimization). I recently hired him to work on a big restaurant project and the recommendations led to an 80+ position increase in less than a month (the site was in pretty bad shape so it had nowhere to go but up). He’s an authority in the SEO space and he’s a pleasure to know. You can’t go wrong with Epidemic Marketing.

Andrew Ansley

Epidemic and I worked on an SEO project together. I knew I needed a CRO specialist. So I drew out my ideas, then they sent me a comp to review in a matter of days. They had smart insight on how I could improve my conversions. Noah made all types of suggestions on UX, including on-page improvements that would gain us more exposure in the top of Google search. The payoff was amazing. After the new home page was published, it rocketed up to page 1, even in very competitive Water Damage searches in a major city! You cant beat working with a true expert, PLUS…you pay for what you get. And they deliver the best.

Keith Evans

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