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Own a business in Carlsbad, CA? Then listen up. Epidemic Marketing specializes in localized digital marketing efforts in Carlsbad, helping your business attract, engage, and sell to more local residents like never before.

Unlike “national” search engine optimization businesses, our services are custom tailored to have LOCAL impact, helping businesses in the community that we both live and work in. From increasing sales, to improving conversion rates and boosting the number of calls and “walk-ins” to your online or physical store, we’ve got you covered.


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Read on to learn more about why Epidemic Marketing is one of the most sought after search engine optimization agencies in the Carlsbad area.

For years, the team at Epidemic Marketing has worked hard to establish a reputation for delivering results when and where they matter most. From month over month growth to increasing the lifetime value of your customers and driving raw sales, our team has the localized know-how to help you claim your spot as the #1 provider of the products and services you offer in Carlsbad and surrounding areas.

When it Comes to LOCAL SEO, how does your SEO Stack Up?

Competition is heating up in Carlsbad. Is your business ready? With our Carlsbad SEO team you will be!

Our SEO Services Consists of:

Advanced Keyword research

Rank tracking

Internal and and external link management

Keyword Targeted Pages

Detailed Reporting

Local SEO Tactics

Citation Building

SEO Friendly Website Design

Schema Markup

Conversion Rate Optimization

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Why LOCAL SEO Matters More than Ever Before

Local search engine optimization is the catalyst that now drives both in-store and online sales for local businesses. Localized Google Places and optimized properties tailored to location-specific search intent now account for over 93% of local search queries by potential customers. If your business isn’t showing up when and where your prospective customers need (and dare say demand) you to be, you’re missing out. But worse than that, those potential sales are now going to the competition, fueling them with the ammunition to grow and dominate the market, slowly pushing your brand into obscurity. 

Don’t think “local” search maters for your brick and business? Think again! According to a major study released by Hubspot, over 50% of individuals that make a “local search” on their smartphone or other connected device end up physically visiting those stores they look at online within a 24-hour timeframe. 

Even more compelling, over 78% of “localized searches” result in OFFLINE sales of goods and services. 

Powerful right? We think so too.

Website Design Carlsbad, California

No matter what your business or goals, our team of world-class designers can build a site you’ll be proud of and that your customers will appreciate.

A plumbing website’s homepage displayed on an iMac monitor
Google search results page of trained dogs for sale.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Rank better for the search terms that matter most, driving smoking hot leads, phone calls, traffic, and sales for your business. 

Localized search optimization that delivers:

Tired of losing business to your competitors outranking you at every turn? Contact us today to regain your place at the top!

Google search results page of trained dogs for sale.

Local SEO for Carlsbad, CA Businesses

Needless to say, we love Carlsbad as much as you do. It’s a great place to both work and live. But for those of us running local businesses here, it’s also a competitive place to operate. For years our team has immersed ourselves in the local market, learning the ropes and finding unique ways to leverage local influence and digital marketing to help Carlsbad businesses thrive no matter their industry.

Our local search engine optimization services (and other digital marketing efforts) produce REAL results that make a real and tangible impact on our clients’ businesses. And with a demonstrated track record of results to back that up, Epidemic Marketing stands out proud and tall amongst the sea of “cookie-cutter competitors” that don’t care about your business like we do.

Carlsbad: Fun Facts and Places

Economic Stats

5th “richest” city in California Median Household income: $97,145 Population Est: 112,299

Notable places to visit

Merlin’s SEA LIFE® attractions Leo Carrillo Ranch & Historic Park Carlsbad Golf Center

Outdoor Attractions Abound

Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch Carlsbad Skate Park Whitlock Surf Experience

Are you happy with your search engine marketing?

Don’t sell yourself short when it comes to digital marketing. Partner with a team that cares as much about the success of your business as you do.

When it Comes to LOCAL SEO, how does your SEO Stack Up?

Competition is heating up is Carlsbad. Is your business ready? With our Carlsbad SEO team you will be!

Is Your Business Locally Optimized Online?

Local search is the engine that drives businesses like yours forward, keeping you competitive and helping improve your bottom line. But are your local marketing efforts driving the kind of results you need to outpace and outperform the competition? 

At Epidemic Marketing we live and breathe local search engine optimization, helping businesses like yours boost sales, grow revenue and establish a dominating presence in their market. Our unique experience with local Carlsbad businesses gives us an edge other “other” digital agencies. We know what works and what doesn’t on a hyper-local level, allowing us to leverage our unique contacts, and skill sets to help you get ahead.

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Man pointing at laptop screen showing an analytics report

Fact is, if ALL of your properties are not locally optimized, you’re missing out. Studies conducted by none other than Google have shown that your prospects expect readily available, easy to navigate and concise information about the products and services they search for locally. 

If they can’t find you, they certainly aren’t going to purchase from you. With over 63% of traffic going to the top 5 search results, if you’re not first, you really are “last”.

Our team can help you:

Think Your Business is Already Optimized? – Think again

Virtually every client we work with has room for improvement. In today’s rapidly evolving market, with Google launching ranking updates as fast as the wind changes directions, you need a team in your corner that has their finger on the pulse of the competitive landscape. Our experience and extensive data and optimization testing allows us to leverage real-world data to take action on the areas of your site or campaigns that will yield the best ROI at any given point in time. 

With combined decades of experience helping Carlsbad and local California based businesses succeed, you can’t go wrong with hiring our team to help you earn and cement your position in Google’s index as a market leader that your customers can count on for decades to come.

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Why You’re Likely Missing out on Mobile Traffic – and why that matters so much

More than half of all web traffic now comes from mobile devices, yet most websites are poorly optimized for such traffic. From slow load times, to sub-par user experience, mobile issues are severely hindering your website’s ability to perform. 

You only get one chance to make a good first impression, and research has shown that 50% of all users are less likely to visit or do business with a brand after a single bad mobile experience with them. Another study demonstrated that over 45% of consumers felt frustrated after dealing with a slow or poorly optimized mobile site. 

If you don’t want to leave up to 50% of sales up to chance, or think that leaving your mobile visitors frustrated is bad business, contact us today and get connected with a mobile optimization expert that can make sure your site’s mobile version is:

Increase web visits
Your success matters
Results driven marketing you can trust

With Carlsbad SEO Company – Epidemic Marketing we aim to beat the status quo, offering unique, performance-minded approaches to localized digital marketing strategy that outpace and outperform the competition. 

Over the years we’ve built a reputation as a leader in localized digital marketing and search engine optimization for California-based businesses, and hope we get the opportunity to add you to our ever-growing list of satisfied clients.

The Epidemic Marketing difference:
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Increase monthly visit
Helpful Carlsbad business links
Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce


City of Carlsbad


North San Diego Small Business Development Center (SBDC)


Our Real Customer Reviews Say it All

The service offered By Noah and His team is superb. They understand exactly what needs to be done to provide an unrivaled service for the client. Their response times are fast and they have gone above and beyond what I have asked of them. I would recommend them without hesitation. If your looking for a client-oriented team that delivers, look no further.

Epidemic Marketing is one of the best SEO companies in San Diego. Noah and his team helped me with a CRO audit and really opened my eyes as to what customers are looking for when looking at things from an e-commerce point of view. If you don’t want to mess around, call Epidemic Marketing and get internet marketing results now, rather than later.

Called around to a few different places in the Carlsbad area and found Epidemic Marketing to be the most responsive and straight-forward internet marketing firm. Noah listened to me and asked what my goals for my e-commerce website were and it was really refreshing to get a couple of pointers and tips. I ended up going with his marketing company for a website redesign and have contracted them on to also do optimization for conversions since I am selling B2C.

“When we’ve spent hours and weeks on our websites, it can be super tough to step back with an outsider’s perspective. I hired Noah to help me with two pages of two different sites and the feedback he gave was fantastic! After making the suggested changes on one page, I experienced more conversions, almost immediately. His rates are affordable and the quality you get is top notch. If I ever need more help, Epidemic Marketing is where I would turn for conversion rate optimization (CRO).”

I’ve worked with Noah for a while now and I’ve learned a lot from him. Not only is he an amazing SEO, but he’s also incredible at increasing the value of each conversion through CRO (conversion rate optimization). I recently hired him to work on a big restaurant project and the recommendations led to an 80+ position increase in less than a month (the site was in pretty bad shape so it had nowhere to go but up). He’s an authority in the SEO space and he’s a pleasure to know. You can’t go wrong with Epidemic Marketing.

Epidemic and I worked on an SEO project together. I knew I needed a CRO specialist. So I drew out my ideas, then they sent me a comp to review in a matter of days. They had smart insight on how I could improve my conversions. Noah made all types of suggestions on UX, including on-page improvements that would gain us more exposure in the top of Google search. The payoff was amazing. After the new home page was published, it rocketed up to page 1, even in very competitive Water Damage searches in a major city! You cant beat working with a true expert, PLUS…you pay for what you get. And they deliver the best.

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