Local business is BIG business with Epidemic Marketing on your side. We make sure your business is right where your customers want it: at the top of Google Search results. SEO is undoubtedly one of (if not) THE most effective and reliable marketing channels to increase sales, boost revenue and grow your eCommerce store. 

With 90%+ of searchers on Google not clicking past page #1, if you’re not first, you’re effectively LAST. And there aren’t any trophies for 2nd place. 

That’s not even the worst of it. If you’re not showing up when and where customers need/want/expect you to…guess who is? THE COMPETITION. 

Don’t lose out on new customers simply because your competition has outranked you on Google. Your brand deserves better, and frankly, so do your customers.

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Onsite SEO

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Content Development

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Citations & Links

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We specialize in Ecommerce SEO as well as E-commerce Conversion Rate Optimization

eCommerce is the Future: and the future is NOW

While an estimated 12,000+ retailers are expected to close up shop, don’t let the numbers fool you. We’re experiencing an exponential rebirth of eCommerce, with brands making the transition from traditional brick and mortar locations to online. 

With an average growth rate of over 25% year over year, and a market cap over $3.5 TRILLION, the future is blindingly bright for ecomm stores. 

Yet successfully making the transition to e-commerce and/or remaining competitive given the influx of new ecomm stores is a challenge many business owners didn’t anticipate. 

Let our team help you navigate these difficult waters, helping you find sound footing, and establishing a foothold in your market that you can leverage to grow and expand for years to come.

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High Value, High Intent Traffic – on Autopilot

Strategy – Optimization – Discoverability

We meld fundamentals with advanced on and off-page optimization strategies to increase ranking, boost traffic, and create customer journeys that captivate and delight your target audience. 

We bring a track record of ‘getting it done’, having helped an ever-growing list of ecommerce businesses big and small grow their revenue through high-value, ROI-driven SEO campaigns that deliver the goods.

Cookie Cutters Belong in the Kitchen – Custom eCommerce SEO Strategies

We don’t do status quo or cookie-cutter at our agency. What works for one client or market won’t necessarily have the same desired impact in another. 

Our approach to bespoke, tailored ‘white-glove’ service is one of the things that sets us apart from traditional agencies offering shiny (but standardized) packages wrapped up in a bow. 

Hands-on is what we do best. We’re a ‘roll up our sleeves’ and dig in type of agency that takes pride in being an extension of your own team.

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We love winning, but we hate losing even more.

Put us on the squad and reap the rewards that come from a truly tailored ecommerce SEO strategy that skyrockets rankings, earn laser-targeted intent-driven traffic, increases overall search conversion rates, drives purchase decisions and brings you rock-solid ROI.

Is Your Online Store Optimized to Rank?

How Fine-Tuned is It, Really…and could you do more?

SEO is a battlefield, with the enemy (your competitors) constantly pushing the front lines and trying to kill your business. Ok, they likely aren’t that ‘mean’ about it, but the fact remains that if you’re not proactively optimizing both onsite and offsite elements you stand to lose this war.

A drop in ranking of even a single placement on Google can result in double-digit losses from that keyword.

You can’t afford to leave SEO up to chance or have it simmering on the back burner. The best time to optimize your site like a fine-tuned racecar is yesterday. The next best time is today. 

Search engine optimization is a critical component of any eCommerce marketing strategy, increasing brand visibility where it matters most: online. 

We run a comprehensive, data-driven analysis, evaluated by industry-leading SEO analysts to gain unique insights into your current market positioning, competitor landscape, and state of SEO both on and offsite. 

This detailed analysis goes above and beyond the traditional “fix this” type of automated reviews, digging in deep and uncovering hidden opportunities and potential threats keeping your e-commerce site from crushing the competition.

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On-page Optimization: a look under the hood

Improving SEO for ecommerce sites starts with taking a look under the metaphorical hood of your ecommerce website. On-page SEO is a necessary first step, providing the foundational optimization necessary to power all other SEO activities.

Let’s talk about your business

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Technical Audit

You wouldn’t put jet fuel in a Ford Escort, would you? A technical audit and optimization strategy ensures that your website has the core components and underlying technological assets necessary to perform once we pour fuel on the SEO fire.

This Step Includes But is Not Limited to:

Keyword Research, Planning and Strategy

The right keywords don’t just bring traffic to your ecommerce store, they bring high-intent traffic interested in your products/services and ready to take action. 

Our team invests time and resources in understanding your target audience, unique market, products, competitors and what drives consumers in your vertical to add items to the digital cart and pull out their wallets.

This Meticulous Process Includes:

Keyword research data from SERP
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On-Site Content

Fresh, engaging, creative and valuable content that grabs customers’ attention and keeps it there is paramount to setting your ecommerce store apart from the competition. 

The right content can make a real connection with visitors, drawing them in and laying the groundwork for a long-term mutually beneficial relationship. 

Modern consumers don’t just want to make a transaction, they want to buy from a brand that they resonate with and whose values, mission, vision and beliefs are in alignment with their own. 

In other words, all things being equal, they want to buy from a “friend” they can count on do treat them right and take care of them.

This Step Includes But is Not Limited to:

Content Optimization

Most ecomm clients come to us with a site already rich in content…but that content isn’t always doing them justice. 

We utilize correlative analysis, big data and manual assessments to optimize existing content, transforming low performing assets into sales machines that outrank the competition and drive real results deserving of the investment you made in them.

Optimized Content SEO Includes:

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Agile and Adaptable eCommerce SEO Strategy

The numbers don’t lie. That’s why we take great care to track what really matters: leads, sales, conversions, opt-ins, and other key KPIs that actually move the needle on growth and revenue. 

We actively monitor campaign performance on multiple levels, adapting and making adjustments as needed to ensure optimal ROI and forward progression towards the goal-line.

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Proven, Scalable and Measurable Results

But don’t take our word for it…

Customer reviews say it all

We recently used Noah and his team of SEO’s to work on our E-commerce site. Within a few months we were really gaining traction and had great success. We had a steady increase in traffic and sales were on the surge. By the 6th month we were approached by our competitor and were offered a buyout offer, cha ching! We highly recommend Noah and his team for local as well as national SEO campaigns, they clearly know onsite and offsite SEO and you will not be disappointed.

Chris Kennedy

Spoke to Noah about our company’s SEO ranking and he looked us up prior to the call. He had so many great suggestions and has a vast knowledge of the Google Algorithm, SEO, Rankings and User navigation experience. I highly recommend him.

Sarah McGregor

The time spent working with Epidemic netted BIG results. The first year we worked together they managed to place us in 6 of the top 10 spots on Google. We owned Google…they have since changed their algorithm. Their work continues to generate great results on the search engines. They are very hands on and knowledgeable about the latest that Google is up to and how to position their clients to achieve the expected results.

Chris Hall, MBA

Supercharge eCommerce SEO with Off-Site Optimization

Technical and On-Page SEO combined with content provides the rocket ship, but off-page SEO (largely backlinks and related signals) provides the fuel needed to propel your ecommerce site above the competition, setting it on a long-term trajectory towards consistent and reliable long-term ROI. 

The right backlinks, from the right websites, in the right quantities and velocity, can have an immediate and impressive impact on SEO for your digital storefront. 

Powerful Backlinks 
Earning you powerful backlinks that move the needle on SEO and help you outrank the competition is a big part of what we do best. We help your site acquire Google-safe, relevant links that power up content and in combination with on-page optimization provide the 1-2 punch needed to rank. 

Authoritative Brand Signals
Expertise, authority and trust make up what is known as the acronym “EAT” in the SEO world. EAT is a subjective formula combined with algorithmic signal identification that helps Google put the “best” sites in front of users on their search engine. 

We help you establish these signals, expertly positioning your ecommerce brand as a trusted, established and authoritative market leader in your space.

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Moving at The Speed Of ROI

Results that Scale with Your Business

From kickstarting an ecommerce strategy to taking your current marketing mix to the next level, we’re here to help you tackle the complex challenges of today’s hyper-competitive ecommerce landscape.

 Our team has successfully helped countless ecommerce stores increase search visibility, earn more intent-driven traffic, drive sales and grow month over month.

Schedule a discovery call with our team today and connect with an ecommerce SEO expert eager to take a deep dive into your site. If we can’t find an opportunity to improve your position online, beer or coffee is on us.

You’re Partners In Success. Let’s do this together.

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