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How to Clear Cache and Cookies in Any Browser

What Are Cache and Cookies? Browser cache and cookies both store information about the websites you visit. Your cache is a part of your computer’s hard drive that stores static assets, or elements of a website that are common throughout the site. This includes images like logos and formatting of text. These common elements are […]

All About WordPress Cloud Hosting

In the struggle to maintain your online platform’s health and presence, sometimes it helps to take a step away and look back at the basics for your WordPress. How are the loading speeds for your blog? Are there are any broken links or pages that require reformatting? Is your website up-to-date with the newest plug-ins […]

Handy Mobile SEO Checklist

Proof that Mobile Matters to Google – Mobile SEO In the United States, the majority of internet search is done via mobile devices. It just makes sense—nearly everyone has a phone on them at all times and curious questions and queries can strike at any moment. When all it takes is a simple swipe of […]

5 Tactical White Hat Link Building Strategies that Work

Link building is bar none the most impactful thing you can do for SEO. If on-page optimization and content is fuel for Google’s algorithm, backlinks represent the rocket fuel needed to ignite your rankings. Research from MOZ to AHREFs and every SEO authority in-between has demonstrated time and again that backlinks are the number one […]

What is Schema Markup?

Every year, new technology and new search engine algorithms change the way digital marketing works. As more and more business owners onboard to expanding their company’s online presence through the Internet, tapping into the market of Internet and mobile browsers, so do the number of ways to help your search engine optimization (SEO) increases. From […]

10 Tips to Increase Your Local Search Traffic on Google My Business

So you’ve made a Google My Business account and can’t wait to start interacting with customers and responding to comments. You wait eagerly at your computer, ready to reply to reviews and see what pictures your business customers post. However, your Google My Business page is not getting the attention it deserves. There are three […]

What Exactly Is a Good Bounce Rate for a Website?

It’s no joke that a lot goes into website development. From picking the best way to host your website to setting up Google Analytics, managing your business’s online platform may prove to be even more challenging than setting it up in the longer run. While some business owners have the luxury to hire a third-party […]

What Are the Best Website Hosting Services?

Disclosure: Some of the links in this page may be affiliate links and if you purchase through them we may earn a referral commission. Keep in mind that we endorse and link to these companies and their products because we believe in their quality and not solely because of the referral commission we receive from […]

How CRO and SEO Work Together to get you Sales and Customers

As more and more businesses enter the digital race to maximize their marketing strategies, whether it be through the organic methods of search engine optimization (SEO) or pay-per-click campaigns (PPC), one important factor hanging on the mind of any business savvy individual is: What do you do with the data tracked by your analytics program, […]

22 SEO Stats Worth Reading – Updated 01/2020

By 2040, it’s estimated that 95% of people’s purchases will be done via ecommerce sites. (Nasdaq) There are three top lead generation strategies that are used by marketers: SEO, email marketing, and website. About 25% of small businesses don’t have an idea about their lead generation rates. Blogs of small businesses have an advantage of […]