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How to Write and Submit a Guest Post

What is Guest Blogging? Guest blogging is the act of submitting an article or blog to a publication and having them post that piece of content. Guest posting is a great way for publications to have more high-quality content for their readers to read while also allowing other businesses to learn more about your services. […]

Building Great Citations for a Local SEO Campaign

Local citations are imperative for a strong local SEO campaign. However, what exactly are local citations and how are they employed? Local Citation Defined Local citations are basically business directories where customers can come to learn about your name, address, and phone number. When all of these factors are present, they can be referred to […]

Easy Website Content Writing Guide

Website pages with 1000 words or more of relevant, user-focused content consistently outranks their competitors. Use this easy guide to help write your content and you’ll be surprised to see how much you have to say about your services! Tips on writing high converting website content Tip#1 When writing website content we want to focus […]

How to Improve Online Business Reputation

How Much Do Online Reviews Matter for My Business? A 2015 survey of internet users found that 92% of consumers use online reviews as a deciding factor for choosing local businesses, demonstrating a 4% increase over 2014. If your business has a rating of three stars or higher on review sites, you are likely to […]

5 Reasons Why Your Small Business Absolutely Must Be On Facebook

We have all heard that businesses must be on social media, but one of the most asked questions we get is “But I have a SMALL business, do I really need to be on Facebook?” Here are 5 reasons that even small businesses should absolutely start diving into social media, and the sooner the better. […]

5 Easy Tips for Becoming a LinkedIn Superstar

The first four letters of LinkedIn are “L-I-N-K,” and for sure, it’s a great way to network with colleagues near and far. But to really position yourself as a LinkedIn leader, you need to follow certain protocols to make yourself stand out without developing a reputation of being an annoying spammer. Here are a few […]

Online Shopping & Spending growing by leaps and bounds

Online Shopping Growth Rates Remain Strong Thanks to the widespread availability of both Wi-Fi and cellular Internet service combined with the popularity of mobile devices like smartphones and tablet computers, consumers are flocking to e-commerce sites in record numbers. According to the Internet monitoring company comScore, during the 2012 holiday shopping season (November and December) […]