Our Battle Tested Formula

Guaranteed to drive results. Period.

Step 1: Building a High-Quality Website

The canvas upon which we'll paint your masterpiece.

We focus on user experience, navigation (UX), and thoughtful conversion points that set the stage for increased sales and revenue.

When a visitor hits your site you have mere seconds to make a first impression. We'll make sure to capture their attention and make that impression a lasting one.

Our professionally crafted web designs will immediately instill trust, efficiently and effectively communicate your message, and provide your users with the information they need to make a buying decision.

Step 2: Fill Out The Questionnaire

Hiring a marketing agency is a lot like dating. We want to get to know you a little before making our move and asking you out.

Help us understand your business, operations, goals, pain points, bottle-necks and expectations.

This step helps set the stage for how we'll craft, develop and execute an impactful strategy that is tailored to your specific goals, budget and timeline.

In fact, these few minutes could be some of the most impactful minutes you spend on your business today.

Step 3: Increase Rankings

Increased rankings can have a huge impact on your business. In fact, recent research shows that over 81% of all purchase decisions (online and off) begin with a Google search.

Our SEO specialists keep up with the bleeding edge of ranking algorithms, strategies and tactics to help you drive real results, not just empty promises.

From voice search to mobile, and everything in-between, we help you unlock and take advantage of every opportunity for visibility and traffic on Google, Bing and other industry specific search engines.

We understand and optimize your site for RankBrain and user based intent, helping you siphon traffic from queries and questions instead of just keywords and phrases.

Rankings mean greater exposure and brand positioning for the people searching for your services and products. You've worked hard on your site and business, let us help make sure people have an opportunity to see what you've created.

Step 4: Conversions

You're website is done. It looks great, it's ranking well, and you have more visitors.

But, are they taking action?

More traffic is good. Targeted traffic is even better. But all that means nothing if those visitors are not engaging with your site and converting to actual paying customers.

From the very beginning your site is built with usability and conversion as part of the foundation, implementing essential conversion points into the core design. We help you understand your desktop and mobile visitors, utilizing advanced tracking, analytics and visitor behavior profiling in order to find the hottest opportunities for growth.

Key actions may include: phone call, opt-in, add to cart, download, scheduled appointment, or purchase. No matter what your ideal CTA is, we'll make it happen.

Your website can be a powerful passive sales tool. Give it the hard work and the attention it deserves and you have a full time 365 day a year sales person working tirelessly for you. The best part is that with just a little help from you, we do the heavy lifting to transform your website into a top-notch sales team member.

Your website can be a powerful passive sales tool. Give it the attention it deserves and you'll have a full-time, 365 day a year sales rep, that gets the job done and never take the foot off the accelerator.

Charles Williams Client Testimonial

I've been in business 9 years now, all with Noah at Epidemic Marketing. Noah has been my secret weapon. Competition is extremely tough in all business arenas and getting your phone to ring can be difficult. Noah keeps my phone ringing and I keep closing the deals. I highly recommend Epidemic Marketing and am thankful to have them as my secret weapon!

Sincerely, Chuck
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